Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let’s mix it!

Who doesn’t like mix and match? Everybody does, and I am sure you too! I get the most fun from mixing up styles, results are always very unique and interesting, interesting in a good sense of course.

The idea is to combine pieces of different styles, but they definitely have to have some features connecting them to each other. The tricky part is not to go too crazy and don’t do too much fusion, otherwise it is going to be just sloppy mess.
Let’s look at my PianuraStudio T-Shirt that already itself is a style mix. The whole Robot thing is a bit crazy – made of little hooks, safety pins and metal buttons it’s completed with sequins and shiny lurex. But at the same time look at feminine cut and beautiful classic lace with golden elements. Isn’t this combination weird? But it works! Now let’s think what would we wear it with? Pair of jeans? Absolutely! I would say simple dark wash denim, contrasting light fabric of the top, will be the best. But what about jacket, shoes and tote?
Here is going another nonsense, because I pick classic suit coat by Mexx (be sure that denim color compliment color of the jacket). And let’s add classic pointy toe silver shoes and kind of funky silver Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. Imagined all that? Fabulous, huh? Actually this is one of my favorite outfits, get always tons of compliments on it.

So the secret in fusion that you pick up one very classic but neutral piece (like black sport coat in our case), basic piece (pair of denim pants) and then add some craziness and funk with one last clothing item, shoes and accessories. BTW, bold and cool jewelry always looks fantastic with such fusion outfits, it adds a bit more extravagancy and chick. Don’t forget to polish your look with nice “matching” make-up and nails – matching to whatever you want in your outfit…

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