Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No morning horrors anymore!

Who gets up in the morning and literally gets scared with the look in the mirror? Who can’t find eyes on the face after supposedly “beauty sleep”? Few months ago I would say “I, it’s all about me!” And I am sure I would be not the only one. Puffiness, bags under the eyes were really killing me in the mornings. I had only one desire – to run out of bed as fast as I could so my husband wouldn’t see me so “pretty”! I could sit with cold compresses on my eyes for hours and still would look like I was drinking vodka all night long before. Thanks God, it’s over now, because I found a perfect solution.
So everybody knows that there are plenty of things that cause puffiness. Of course it can be one of the symptoms of allergies or different skin disorders, but usually everything is much more trivial. Interrupted sleep, diet or just normal aging can be reasons of puffiness, I don’t even mention what is going on with the face after party night or (that’s a sad example) crying. Seems everything is an enemy of our eyes beauty! So is there any way to wake up at least with a decent face??? As I’ve already mentioned there was! Very easy, very affordable and super effective! It’s just an eye cream. Or think I shouldn’t say “just” an eye cream, it’s THE CREAM! Let me introduce to you Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream . Hyaluronic acid in this cream formula locks natural moisture of your skin, preventing puffiness after sleeping. I’ve been using it for a couple of months already and still can’t believe how awesome this thing is. Having very sensitive skin pretty often I face lots of problems finding right product that wouldn’t give me any type of irritation. With this cream I literally forgot that I’ve ever had issues like that. And you know what – I wake up every day with fresh and nice looking face, I don’t need to wear sunglasses to walk with my dog in the mornings anymore, because I LOOK GOOD, not like monster from horror movies! Really recommend this cream to every woman.

I must say that I started to use more and more Mario Badescu products and none of them were disappointing, moreover my skin loves them. Everything has very nice textures, no overpowering fragrances and works extremely well. I love the fact that this brand offers great variety of solutions for all skin types, including problem skin with acne and even rosacea . And if you have sensitive skin this is a perfect choice for you. Don’t be confused by not flashy packaging or very moderate price, Mario Badescu makes premium beauty product that I strongly advice at least to try.

Today going to Nordstrom to get some Hand Cream with Vitamin E by Mario Badescu – it got great reviews, can’t wait to try it myself!

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