Thursday, July 29, 2010

Denim unlimited.

Several days ago I was asked a question what my favorite clothing item was and without any hesitation I answered jeans. No seriously, what else??? They are so awesome - comfortable and cool, super stylish and appropriate pretty much everywhere. They started sneaking in even to offices on “Casual Fridays”, people wear them to restaurants, bars, clubs and even theatres. Everybody owns a pair of jeans, guy, working on the gas station and famous celebrity, 60 years old lady and little kid in kindergarten. Even “Huggies” made limited edition jean diapers. What can I say else but the whole brand empires were built on them. And all because EVERYBODY WANTS TO WEAR JEANS.
So how many pairs should average person have? What washes and styles they should be? Of course these factors really depend on personal feeling of fashion, life style, character and physic. But there are still a few points that everybody should follow. First, everybody has to have at least one pretty basic pair of denim pants with less or more plain wash and no additional details like distressing or bright decoration. Such pair would be perfect to go to work on casual days, really your colleagues don’t need to see your bare knees through the holes. Another thing is that you definitely should have couple of different washes - dark and lighter one that will be great for hot summers. But understand me right, you can wear dark pair on summer too, no problem, but bleached pair should stay in the closet for the whole cold period. Plus usually very light denim is also made very thin, so at least if you don’t want to freeze yourself stay away from it when it’s close to 30°F outside.
If you know all of that and actually execute it you can consider yourself as a perfect denim customer. From this point you can just have fun with the rest of your jean wardrobe. I would say GO CRAZY. Denim designers offer a lot of really flashy and extravagant stuff this season, be brave and try as much as you can. Love jeans with “paint and dirt” all over, they definitely attract a lot of attention. The main rule is not to forget your confidence at home going outside in such pants. Sequins and rhinestones look on denim fenomenal, especially on the pockets. Which lady wouldn’t like to add to her booty some extra glam and sparkle?! Oh, and jeans with shiny coating – pure rock’n’roll! Spice up your outfit with cool TS or blouse and a lot of accessories – and you look like a real rock-star!

Let’s see how many pairs I have… Okay, I found 11: Don’t know if it’s too many or not enough, and doesn’t matter, because anyway if I find another cool pair I would buy it!

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