Friday, July 30, 2010

Delicious Lush

These days almost everybody is obsessed with natural, organic and handmade. I can’t say that it’s vital for me to eat, for example, organic or not organic strawberries, I believe that I will be okay eating the second type, but sometimes it is worth to pay some extra money for natural product.
Sure that you’ve heard about “Lush” and maybe even had a chance to try it. My first experience with this brand happened a year ago in Hawaii, where my husband and I just walked in to the Lush store simply because it was after 8:00 p.m. and everything else was already closed. At the same moment I felt like a kid in a candy store.
You could test everything right away, even things that you would never think to test, like soaps, bath bombs and shower bars. Buckets of water and paper towels were on each station so I could enjoy my experiments. Everything was so pretty, bright and smelled beautifully. Of course we left the store with glitter all over, smelling like cocoa and a few purchases that I was enjoying for a long time very much.
What I really loved about Lush is variety of their product and how actually different it is from traditional cosmetics market. Some stuff like solid shampoos and jelly shower gels that are selling by pieces you can find only there. Or massage bars that reduce fever or relax tired muscles. Really it is pretty amazing how many different things for completely different purposes they have. And isn’t it fun to buy face wash by ounces like cheese in grocery store, buy exactly how much you want, not more, not less?! I found several favorite products that I am never going to cheat on. Fresh “Oatfix” mask (literally fresh, in fridge lasts only for three weeks) is great, really does a fantastic job of soothing and calming my skin. Another item that I love is Honey Trap lip balm. Believe me, in my life I tried not one type of lip balm and I was absolutely amazed by this one. My lips tend to dry a lot, sometimes I couldn’t even put usual lipstick, because it showed off all of skin flakes, only gloss worked. But this thing totally saved me, I just put it before going to sleep and in the morning before doing make-up and I completely forgot that I’ve ever had any problems with my lips. Plus texture is wonderful, not oily or sticky. But I think my most favorites are glitter bars – “glitterbug” and “shimmy shimmy”. I use both of them, first one with iridescent sparkles for nights out, second one with light golden shimmer I use on daily basis – it gives you nice very settled glow. They smell delicious and moisturize your skin. And, BTW, you can use them on both body and hair.

If you’ve never been to “Lush” store you definitely should go, it will be nice fun experience, take your time and try everything! See you there!

P.S. Don't forget to grab a catalog and ask about new samples!

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