Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome on board, Daily Deal Chicago!

How do you imagine successful people? Think most of you would agree with me if I describe them as well-dressed, with good haircut, nice manicure, dining in fancy places and in general having very “social” life style. And an interesting thing is the more successful you look the more successful you actually are. So seems that to reach some heights in your life you need at first look like you are already there.
But how? For all of that you need money, that’s why all successful people do that – they simply can afford it. But even if you are simply still too young or just didn’t catch your luck yet you still can live pretty full life. In one of my posts we already discussed how convenient some web-sites are, where you can buy designer high quality clothes, shoes and accessories with unbelievable up to 80% discount. And 80% off is not a limit! For example, on last ideeli.com Red Sale I’ve seen items like Emilio Pucci $1500 skirt for not more than $50!!! Pretty crazy but it’s true. So seems that it’s clear enough how to get expensive look for very little money. The next question is how to have fabulous and interesting life not spending almost your whole paycheck? Super easy too! For example, my husband and I, though we don’t suffer from the lack of money, use such web-sites like Groupon , Living Social and Restaurant.com all the time. We safe a ton buying dining gift certificates, tickets to shows and different tours with 50-70% off. There is no catch, everything is very clear – you get nice discount, business that offers it gets huge volume of new customers. Everybody get what they want. And obviously the more of such web-sites are in internet the more offers for you to choose from! And here good news come - new web-site Daily Deal Chicago Daily Deal Chicago starts its work on August 1st. It promises a lot of great deals from bars and restaurants to spas and sport studios, theatres. Just subscribe for daily e-mail and every morning you will get the freshest deal in the city automatically. Who knows maybe it will be for some place that you’ve always wanted to go to, or maybe that you’ve never heard before but would become your favorite spot since then! BTW, right now they run special $100 Apple Gift Card Giveaway, so don’t wait and enter for chance to win. I am already subscribed for Daily Deal Chicago e-mails and can’t wait it to start its work. And of course have my fingers crossed to win a gift card!!!

At the end of the day why should you pay more if you can pay less???

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