Thursday, July 8, 2010

M.A.C. - my perfect make-up!

I’ve had my favorite cosmetics brands for many years, but when I came over to U.S. realized that I would have to figure out something new, because assortment on the market is completely different.

Must admit, first few tries pretty much failed – either I absolutely haven’t liked the product, or it was okay but extremely pricy. And I don’t mind to pay extra money, but only if I love things that I pay for. After several months of searching and testing I finally found what was perfect for me. It was M.A.C.!

M.A.C. is not really represented to Russian customers, so as you understand I’ve never used it before. But still can’t believe now why I wasn’t willing to try it from the very beginning of my cosmetics experience??? Anyway my first purchase was Plush Lash Mascara that totally blew me away. Black is very dark and rich, formula gives you nice length and volume, no clumps and smudging, and I what I also absolutely love is that lashes stay soft and flexible even with 2-3 coats of mascara. It totally survived heat and humidity in Mexico, and haven’t run all over my face even after waves crushed on it.
Another product that I adore is baked eye shadows. I loved to use such eye shadows in Italian brand Pupa (but you can’t buy it here, in U.S.), so I tried to find an alternative to them and could do it only in M.A.C. I recommend everybody to buy Mineralized Eye Shadow - they are silky, sparkly, last all day long and come in great variety of colors. Basic collection goes in two complimenting each other colors, but right now there is limited edition line of Mineralized Eye Shadow Trio (it’s on my shopping list now). Shades are absolutely amazing in wide assortment for every eye color and skin tone.

I love M.A.C. lipsticks for great quality and beautiful palette, seriously I think, it’s crazy (in a good sense) in how many colors (from classic red to candy pink and pure silver) and how many textures (frost, glaze, satin, cremesheen, matte, luster and etc.) lipsticks are.
Their face products are awesome too. Really like Studio Tech Foundation after which you don’t have to use powder, it already gives you matte finish. Face looks very fresh, healthy and absolutely natural. Skin feels soft and moisturized. Easy and quick application.
M.A.C. is really fantastic – quality is great, assortment is huge and it’s really affordable. And they make new stuff all the time! I am not talking only about new formulas and brand new products (though there plenty of them every month). Limited edition collections, that come out very often, give you opportunity to keep up with the latest trends in make-up and be stylish. This company works with celebrities, like Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper, and fashion designers, like Alice + Olivia (one of the newest M.A.C. lines) to create a great product for their customers.

I really-really love M.A.C. and just couldn’t not to share it with you! Old customers – enjoy, new customers – discover (and enjoy too)!!!

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