Friday, July 30, 2010

Delicious Lush

These days almost everybody is obsessed with natural, organic and handmade. I can’t say that it’s vital for me to eat, for example, organic or not organic strawberries, I believe that I will be okay eating the second type, but sometimes it is worth to pay some extra money for natural product.
Sure that you’ve heard about “Lush” and maybe even had a chance to try it. My first experience with this brand happened a year ago in Hawaii, where my husband and I just walked in to the Lush store simply because it was after 8:00 p.m. and everything else was already closed. At the same moment I felt like a kid in a candy store.
You could test everything right away, even things that you would never think to test, like soaps, bath bombs and shower bars. Buckets of water and paper towels were on each station so I could enjoy my experiments. Everything was so pretty, bright and smelled beautifully. Of course we left the store with glitter all over, smelling like cocoa and a few purchases that I was enjoying for a long time very much.
What I really loved about Lush is variety of their product and how actually different it is from traditional cosmetics market. Some stuff like solid shampoos and jelly shower gels that are selling by pieces you can find only there. Or massage bars that reduce fever or relax tired muscles. Really it is pretty amazing how many different things for completely different purposes they have. And isn’t it fun to buy face wash by ounces like cheese in grocery store, buy exactly how much you want, not more, not less?! I found several favorite products that I am never going to cheat on. Fresh “Oatfix” mask (literally fresh, in fridge lasts only for three weeks) is great, really does a fantastic job of soothing and calming my skin. Another item that I love is Honey Trap lip balm. Believe me, in my life I tried not one type of lip balm and I was absolutely amazed by this one. My lips tend to dry a lot, sometimes I couldn’t even put usual lipstick, because it showed off all of skin flakes, only gloss worked. But this thing totally saved me, I just put it before going to sleep and in the morning before doing make-up and I completely forgot that I’ve ever had any problems with my lips. Plus texture is wonderful, not oily or sticky. But I think my most favorites are glitter bars – “glitterbug” and “shimmy shimmy”. I use both of them, first one with iridescent sparkles for nights out, second one with light golden shimmer I use on daily basis – it gives you nice very settled glow. They smell delicious and moisturize your skin. And, BTW, you can use them on both body and hair.

If you’ve never been to “Lush” store you definitely should go, it will be nice fun experience, take your time and try everything! See you there!

P.S. Don't forget to grab a catalog and ask about new samples!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Denim unlimited.

Several days ago I was asked a question what my favorite clothing item was and without any hesitation I answered jeans. No seriously, what else??? They are so awesome - comfortable and cool, super stylish and appropriate pretty much everywhere. They started sneaking in even to offices on “Casual Fridays”, people wear them to restaurants, bars, clubs and even theatres. Everybody owns a pair of jeans, guy, working on the gas station and famous celebrity, 60 years old lady and little kid in kindergarten. Even “Huggies” made limited edition jean diapers. What can I say else but the whole brand empires were built on them. And all because EVERYBODY WANTS TO WEAR JEANS.
So how many pairs should average person have? What washes and styles they should be? Of course these factors really depend on personal feeling of fashion, life style, character and physic. But there are still a few points that everybody should follow. First, everybody has to have at least one pretty basic pair of denim pants with less or more plain wash and no additional details like distressing or bright decoration. Such pair would be perfect to go to work on casual days, really your colleagues don’t need to see your bare knees through the holes. Another thing is that you definitely should have couple of different washes - dark and lighter one that will be great for hot summers. But understand me right, you can wear dark pair on summer too, no problem, but bleached pair should stay in the closet for the whole cold period. Plus usually very light denim is also made very thin, so at least if you don’t want to freeze yourself stay away from it when it’s close to 30°F outside.
If you know all of that and actually execute it you can consider yourself as a perfect denim customer. From this point you can just have fun with the rest of your jean wardrobe. I would say GO CRAZY. Denim designers offer a lot of really flashy and extravagant stuff this season, be brave and try as much as you can. Love jeans with “paint and dirt” all over, they definitely attract a lot of attention. The main rule is not to forget your confidence at home going outside in such pants. Sequins and rhinestones look on denim fenomenal, especially on the pockets. Which lady wouldn’t like to add to her booty some extra glam and sparkle?! Oh, and jeans with shiny coating – pure rock’n’roll! Spice up your outfit with cool TS or blouse and a lot of accessories – and you look like a real rock-star!

Let’s see how many pairs I have… Okay, I found 11: Don’t know if it’s too many or not enough, and doesn’t matter, because anyway if I find another cool pair I would buy it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mysterious nature of denim dress

What do you imagine when you hear “denim dress”? Something cool and trendy or old fashioned and forgotten in the basement for many years? Do you think it’s stylish or isn’t even close to such category? It’s all reasonable questions and we’ll try to figure out what this mysterious creature “denim dress” is.
I remember when I was 8 my mom bought for me wonderful “Lee” dress on the black market. It cost almost a half of her pay check and for me it was super big deal. With very wide pleated skirt in which twirl was awesome and nice belt this thing was definitely a statement. I felt that I was the most stylish girl in the class. But I was growing and my lovely dress wasn’t, so one day I just had to say “good bye” to it. From that same moment I had a dream in my heart to get another cool denim dress that everybody would admire. But what a surprise many years passed and I still didn’t own one. Even considering that situation in Russia changed dramatically, tons of boutiques and stores opened (really, city where I lived is super fashion forward) I just couldn’t buy it. So apparently the problem was not in the lack of resources but in the lack of denim dresses in trends. But as we know fashion has its own cycle like everything in life, and finally ITS TIME CAME! It’s a very big boom for denim dresses already for couple of years and it is not decreasing, I would say just a bit transforming. With each season designers give us new washes, silhouettes, finishes, strongly representing latest trends in this garment. You can buy one that you especially like without any fear that it will disappear from the runways next year, denim dress took nice and strong position for a while. It’s not just extremely convenient (it’s great for weekends and casual Fridays in the office), but very flattering. Having a very good structure denim dress gives you a perfect very lean shape. Wear it with bold jewelry, cool boots and purse and you’ll feel fantastic like I did showing off my “Lee” at school. Thanks God there is no need to sneak to black market, because almost every brand gives you an option. Don’t miss stores like “Guess” with their sexy and brave styles, Bloomingdales , Neiman Marcus , Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom with great variety from different designers, Macy’s is also a great place to find a cool one.

I found my perfect denim dress, by Black Orchid brand in one of the local boutiques in my hometown in Russia. I like to wear it with ensemble of red jewelry, red purse and red shoes that I switch to high wedge red boots when it’s cold. It’s super awesome and definitely was worth to wait for! BTW, every time I wear it I get ton of compliments! Maybe yours will be so successful too???

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome on board, Daily Deal Chicago!

How do you imagine successful people? Think most of you would agree with me if I describe them as well-dressed, with good haircut, nice manicure, dining in fancy places and in general having very “social” life style. And an interesting thing is the more successful you look the more successful you actually are. So seems that to reach some heights in your life you need at first look like you are already there.
But how? For all of that you need money, that’s why all successful people do that – they simply can afford it. But even if you are simply still too young or just didn’t catch your luck yet you still can live pretty full life. In one of my posts we already discussed how convenient some web-sites are, where you can buy designer high quality clothes, shoes and accessories with unbelievable up to 80% discount. And 80% off is not a limit! For example, on last Red Sale I’ve seen items like Emilio Pucci $1500 skirt for not more than $50!!! Pretty crazy but it’s true. So seems that it’s clear enough how to get expensive look for very little money. The next question is how to have fabulous and interesting life not spending almost your whole paycheck? Super easy too! For example, my husband and I, though we don’t suffer from the lack of money, use such web-sites like Groupon , Living Social and all the time. We safe a ton buying dining gift certificates, tickets to shows and different tours with 50-70% off. There is no catch, everything is very clear – you get nice discount, business that offers it gets huge volume of new customers. Everybody get what they want. And obviously the more of such web-sites are in internet the more offers for you to choose from! And here good news come - new web-site Daily Deal Chicago Daily Deal Chicago starts its work on August 1st. It promises a lot of great deals from bars and restaurants to spas and sport studios, theatres. Just subscribe for daily e-mail and every morning you will get the freshest deal in the city automatically. Who knows maybe it will be for some place that you’ve always wanted to go to, or maybe that you’ve never heard before but would become your favorite spot since then! BTW, right now they run special $100 Apple Gift Card Giveaway, so don’t wait and enter for chance to win. I am already subscribed for Daily Deal Chicago e-mails and can’t wait it to start its work. And of course have my fingers crossed to win a gift card!!!

At the end of the day why should you pay more if you can pay less???

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dress your feet right!

A lot of people sacrifice their style for comfort and a lot of people sacrifice their comfort for style. And it’s definitely shouldn’t be exactly like that. Main goal is to find golden middle in both style and comfort and try to stay in it.
Don’t you think that woman in a classic suit looks ridiculous in pair of running shoes? But the same you can say about lady in heels on the picnic in woods? The first one would say that she just walks a lot, feet hurt and etc., the second one would explain her choice “just want to look good”. But not sure that both their outfits work well for them. In first case woman totally loses her professional look that she is trying to achieve with expensive suit by wearing totally wrong footwear. Why did she even bother to spend ton of money on dress clothes??? Nobody says that she should wear only sky-high pumps! Pick nice flats or even small elegant heels and your feet will feel nice and comfortable all day long and the whole outfit will come together, and maybe career too. In second case woman completely screws her comfort and fun in her high heels. No playing volleyball with friends… Volleyball! What am I talking about?! Pretty much even no walking! And, BTW, she totally screws not just her fun but her shoes too (imagine that poor “guys” with mud and grass on the heels and bunch of scratches from dry branches). Plus it looks so silly. Why don’t just wear a pair of cute sneakers that will look nice with pair of jeans or leggings? I definitely against wearing running shoes on daily basis, the best place to show them off is in the gym, but sometimes in our casual life pair of cute Pumas or Adidas are extremely handy. Even super fashionistas can find nice pair. Sport companies work with famous designers very closely, creating really pretty footwear. Today you don’t have to be Missy Elliot to be able to buy golden or even decorated with rhinestones and sequins sneakers. Just make effort and go to the store and find the pair of great shoes just for you! Plus if you need any advice or maybe somebody’s second opinion go on-line – there is unbelievable amount of information. Use whatever you want – professional critic’s articles with their pretty strict point of view or reviews of normal people like you, in which they tell how comfortable and durable shoes that they bought are. It’s very convenient to use store web-sites (like if you plan to do purchase in Nordstrom go on-line and check if somebody bought the same item and left any reviews) or special web-sites with expert opinions (great “sneakers resource” ).

Never-ever, even for a second, forget how important to balance comfort and style and how important to look appropriate for situation that you are in. Enjoy your “balanced” life and get the best of it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bling-bling post

Different people have different attitude to accessories. Some don’t wear them at all, some wear way too many. Some people like to match them with each other, some match with the clothes and some don’t match at all. And, no doubts, there is plenty of freedom in how you can wear your accessories, but definitely you need to use this freedom correctly.
How to pick right accessory for an outfit? The main parameters are style, color and how you want to look. Putting different accessories you can completely change the look of the same outfit. They help tremendously either to dress it up or dress it down. It’s very convenient to use this tool in situation like going out to dinner after work. Just wear simple black dress with a jacket or cardigan to office and don’t forget to throw some bold jewelry, like long sparkly earrings and big cuff, in your purse. And when it’s time to go out just put them on. Easy but very dramatic transformation that let you look great in two completely different atmospheres. The same if you use contrasting colors in accessories and clothes. Look at the picture of me in the park. Red beads on the neck (I have it, you just can see...), red bracelet and earrings and cute sequin pouch on the tote are contrasting with the whole white-blue theme of the outfit and make it much brighter and more festive (but don’t go too festive, for example, wearing red rhinestones, FOLLOW THE STYLE OF CLOTHES). And imagine this outfit for example with blue necklace and white bag – still not too bad, but definitely much more boring.
Try to avoid blending your accessories into your clothes. But must notice, that both skirt and shirt are pretty neutral. And this is exactly what gives you an opportunity to go more colorful with jewelry. But in case of busy or big print it doesn’t always work. You easily could go in “too much going on”. Like on my second picture there is a big neon print on my dress and clearly it should be a center of attention. That’s why I picked simple plastic set in the exact yellow color that just compliments the dress. It all worked together pretty well without giving a feel “all over the place”.
As for matching accessories with each other, it’s all up to you. Personally I really like to do that a lot. Mixing textures is a lot of fun and you can actually get an idea how to do it right just looking at what designers combine in one piece of jewelry. Wood and gold, leather and silver and even silver and gold are very classic variations. Try to experiment and you’ll discover a lot of interesting looks.
Keep in mind that too much jewelry is not good, you don’t need to look like you put everything that you could find in your jewelry box on yourself. Long earrings never work with big necklace, and big necklace doesn’t work with massive cuff. If you go heavy with something try to stay moderate with the rest of your accessories, otherwise they will be overpowering and look like and knight armor suit.

It’s almost weekend, but you still have time to find some cool bling-bling for Friday night out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Closet Transformers

Yesterday my husband and I while brushing our teeth before going to bed were talking about how to dress age appropriate. A lot of people don’t really sense what and how they should wear to stay true to their age, spirit and character. Some of them never understood that, putting on “grandpa” double pleated pants being only 25 years old, some of them stuck in their youth refusing to give up concert T-Shirt and oversized shorts with huge pockets. But at the end of the day we are changing through our life and our fashion feel should too.
I definitely don’t think that after thirty all fun and funk in clothing is over, absolutely opposite! You just need to understand where the thin border between dressing “too young” and “just young” is and try to stay on the right side. Important thing is that we don’t age dramatically in one day or a week or even a year, and our style shouldn’t too. There is no need to put your whole wardrobe in the basement after 30th birthday party. You need to incorporate more sophisticated classic pieces in it, mixing them with old ones. Such method will be very painless for your nerves and definitely valet. This is how it works. Let’s take white T-Shirt with quite moderate black skull print on the side and pair of distressed jeans. Sounds pretty young, but still not too much (because print is not over-the-top), pretty good for a casual look for a guy in his middle 30s. Let’s add nice black cashmere cardigan and we are going about ten years further. Another good example: light pink skinny jeans. Pair them with TS and bright striped belt – very young look, with white tank, white linen jacket and even handkerchief – super stylish outfit for mid age man. Of course there are pieces that would be very hard and absolutely unnecessarily to transform into another stage of your life. Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty are definitely should move to your nieces’ and nephews’ closets. Ask to notice that I don’t even mention oversized clothes that usually is associated with young generation, and only with one reason – IT’S NOT COOL FOR ANY AGE! Times of that style are gone! Dress your body in your real size, don’t cover it with a bunch of excess fabric.
Getting a bit older is really not that scary and pity, it’s very interesting and exciting. More goals are achieved, more opportunities are open. It’s awesome to feel successful, and this is what you should show in your look, a little bit of chic and luxury. Remember that you still can look young even being already passed your 20s quite a few years ago, but sophisticated and stylish, like my husband! He is 36 and is rocking this fashion world!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No morning horrors anymore!

Who gets up in the morning and literally gets scared with the look in the mirror? Who can’t find eyes on the face after supposedly “beauty sleep”? Few months ago I would say “I, it’s all about me!” And I am sure I would be not the only one. Puffiness, bags under the eyes were really killing me in the mornings. I had only one desire – to run out of bed as fast as I could so my husband wouldn’t see me so “pretty”! I could sit with cold compresses on my eyes for hours and still would look like I was drinking vodka all night long before. Thanks God, it’s over now, because I found a perfect solution.
So everybody knows that there are plenty of things that cause puffiness. Of course it can be one of the symptoms of allergies or different skin disorders, but usually everything is much more trivial. Interrupted sleep, diet or just normal aging can be reasons of puffiness, I don’t even mention what is going on with the face after party night or (that’s a sad example) crying. Seems everything is an enemy of our eyes beauty! So is there any way to wake up at least with a decent face??? As I’ve already mentioned there was! Very easy, very affordable and super effective! It’s just an eye cream. Or think I shouldn’t say “just” an eye cream, it’s THE CREAM! Let me introduce to you Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream . Hyaluronic acid in this cream formula locks natural moisture of your skin, preventing puffiness after sleeping. I’ve been using it for a couple of months already and still can’t believe how awesome this thing is. Having very sensitive skin pretty often I face lots of problems finding right product that wouldn’t give me any type of irritation. With this cream I literally forgot that I’ve ever had issues like that. And you know what – I wake up every day with fresh and nice looking face, I don’t need to wear sunglasses to walk with my dog in the mornings anymore, because I LOOK GOOD, not like monster from horror movies! Really recommend this cream to every woman.

I must say that I started to use more and more Mario Badescu products and none of them were disappointing, moreover my skin loves them. Everything has very nice textures, no overpowering fragrances and works extremely well. I love the fact that this brand offers great variety of solutions for all skin types, including problem skin with acne and even rosacea . And if you have sensitive skin this is a perfect choice for you. Don’t be confused by not flashy packaging or very moderate price, Mario Badescu makes premium beauty product that I strongly advice at least to try.

Today going to Nordstrom to get some Hand Cream with Vitamin E by Mario Badescu – it got great reviews, can’t wait to try it myself!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I am a girl and I want a skirt!

What’s the problem you would say, but believe there was one, because I wanted denim skirt. I was searching for it everywhere for several weeks in the row, but couldn’t find. Even denim brands reduced their skirt assortment to maximum one style of primitive cut-off, the rest of the merchandise is cut-off shorts and of course jeans.
So what skirts should we wear? The latest trends are very feminine and sexy. Minis in different types of fabric from silk to twill and in different shapes from tight to flowy ruffles are extremely in style right now. Of course it’s summer time, when else you can show off your nice legs?! Just make sure that skin of your legs looks silky and glowy, use some moisturizing lotion and even with a little bit of shimmer and you will look like celebrity on the Red Carpet.
But it’s almost a middle of July and all of the stores already put Fall/Winter collections on their shelves. And skirts in the following season are breathtaking! Materials are fantastic – beautiful wools, rich tweeds, nice satins, a lot of leather and even fur! Yes, I would say that leather and fur are the biggest players in the second part of the year. And all of that is combined with lace, sequins and great detailing like buckles, ruching and exposed zippers. One of the best silhouettes are very fitted pencil skirts up to the knee and straight ones again up to the knee or even above, but minis are not gone too, they are upgraded for cold season by using earlier mentioned fabrics.
Another popular thing is pleats! Full pleated skirt should be in the closet of each girl/woman for the following season. So as you can see everything is very lady-like, but with a feel of power and strength. Such skirts definitely show off beautiful curves without exposing anything extra. They give you professional but at the same time very feminine look. Wear them with light wovens, cashmere cardigans and sheer silk blouses. High heel shoes or high boots will complete the look. Fur skirts look very playful and young – great choice for party or fun night out in the club.

But what about denim skirts? You probably will be able to find a few in the stores, but maybe it’s better to wait until they will be on the peak again? I personally stop searching and going to enjoy what’s in trend right now!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

M.A.C. - my perfect make-up!

I’ve had my favorite cosmetics brands for many years, but when I came over to U.S. realized that I would have to figure out something new, because assortment on the market is completely different.

Must admit, first few tries pretty much failed – either I absolutely haven’t liked the product, or it was okay but extremely pricy. And I don’t mind to pay extra money, but only if I love things that I pay for. After several months of searching and testing I finally found what was perfect for me. It was M.A.C.!

M.A.C. is not really represented to Russian customers, so as you understand I’ve never used it before. But still can’t believe now why I wasn’t willing to try it from the very beginning of my cosmetics experience??? Anyway my first purchase was Plush Lash Mascara that totally blew me away. Black is very dark and rich, formula gives you nice length and volume, no clumps and smudging, and I what I also absolutely love is that lashes stay soft and flexible even with 2-3 coats of mascara. It totally survived heat and humidity in Mexico, and haven’t run all over my face even after waves crushed on it.
Another product that I adore is baked eye shadows. I loved to use such eye shadows in Italian brand Pupa (but you can’t buy it here, in U.S.), so I tried to find an alternative to them and could do it only in M.A.C. I recommend everybody to buy Mineralized Eye Shadow - they are silky, sparkly, last all day long and come in great variety of colors. Basic collection goes in two complimenting each other colors, but right now there is limited edition line of Mineralized Eye Shadow Trio (it’s on my shopping list now). Shades are absolutely amazing in wide assortment for every eye color and skin tone.

I love M.A.C. lipsticks for great quality and beautiful palette, seriously I think, it’s crazy (in a good sense) in how many colors (from classic red to candy pink and pure silver) and how many textures (frost, glaze, satin, cremesheen, matte, luster and etc.) lipsticks are.
Their face products are awesome too. Really like Studio Tech Foundation after which you don’t have to use powder, it already gives you matte finish. Face looks very fresh, healthy and absolutely natural. Skin feels soft and moisturized. Easy and quick application.
M.A.C. is really fantastic – quality is great, assortment is huge and it’s really affordable. And they make new stuff all the time! I am not talking only about new formulas and brand new products (though there plenty of them every month). Limited edition collections, that come out very often, give you opportunity to keep up with the latest trends in make-up and be stylish. This company works with celebrities, like Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper, and fashion designers, like Alice + Olivia (one of the newest M.A.C. lines) to create a great product for their customers.

I really-really love M.A.C. and just couldn’t not to share it with you! Old customers – enjoy, new customers – discover (and enjoy too)!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caution: Sun!

It’s a very hot in Chicago now and sun is absolutely cruel. Do you protect yourself from it? If you want to look young and pretty as long as possible you should. It’s really not difficult, doesn’t take a lot of time and trust me works to save your beauty very well.

The best friend of yours in summer time is sun screen. And not only when you go to the beach or lay by the pool (in these cases it is not even a question that you HAVE to use sun protection). Exactly, even if you go just to work, or shopping or stadium use products with SPF for your face and body. Face is always exposed to sun even if you wear sunglasses, and everybody knows that its skin is extremely fragile. So if you don’t want to have burns, early wrinkles and super dry skin, put some sun screen before going out. Even my husband finally understood how important was to use some sun protection, when we went to baseball game and all of his colleagues who didn’t wear caps got facial sun burn, but we were fine.
The same is about the rest of the body that is not covered with clothes. Is it hard to put some lotion with SPF on back, chest and arms, if you wear open top? Absolutely not! But it will save you from peeling skin and burning pain. It’s definitely not pretty to walk around red like a lobster… My advice also is not just to put sun screen lotions before leaving house and using product with SPF for face, but also to have a little tube of “protection elixir” in your purse. In some cases when you spend the whole day outside even in the city you need reapply sun screen at least on your face.
Another thing that you should be careful with in such hot weather is parfume. I’ve read so many times that it’s dangerous to put parfume straight on skin when it’s very hot and very sunny, but never really took that in consideration. And as a result last year I got itchy, irritated neck on the sides where I was putting my fragrances. At first I couldn’t even figure out what it was, but then it became pretty obvious. After several days not using any eau de toilette skin got in its normal condition. I don’t say that you can’t use parfume in summer at all, you just should put it on hair and back of your wrists, in this case you will not get any damage and smell will last much longer.

Nowadays variety of products with SPF is amazing and every single person with every single type of skin can find something suitable. My husband and I like Clinique M protect SPF 21 for men and Clinique Even Better skin tone correcting moisturizer SPF 20 for every day face protection. For beach and long days outside in the city we choose Nivea Sun line.

Take care and enjoy your summer!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let’s mix it!

Who doesn’t like mix and match? Everybody does, and I am sure you too! I get the most fun from mixing up styles, results are always very unique and interesting, interesting in a good sense of course.

The idea is to combine pieces of different styles, but they definitely have to have some features connecting them to each other. The tricky part is not to go too crazy and don’t do too much fusion, otherwise it is going to be just sloppy mess.
Let’s look at my PianuraStudio T-Shirt that already itself is a style mix. The whole Robot thing is a bit crazy – made of little hooks, safety pins and metal buttons it’s completed with sequins and shiny lurex. But at the same time look at feminine cut and beautiful classic lace with golden elements. Isn’t this combination weird? But it works! Now let’s think what would we wear it with? Pair of jeans? Absolutely! I would say simple dark wash denim, contrasting light fabric of the top, will be the best. But what about jacket, shoes and tote?
Here is going another nonsense, because I pick classic suit coat by Mexx (be sure that denim color compliment color of the jacket). And let’s add classic pointy toe silver shoes and kind of funky silver Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. Imagined all that? Fabulous, huh? Actually this is one of my favorite outfits, get always tons of compliments on it.

So the secret in fusion that you pick up one very classic but neutral piece (like black sport coat in our case), basic piece (pair of denim pants) and then add some craziness and funk with one last clothing item, shoes and accessories. BTW, bold and cool jewelry always looks fantastic with such fusion outfits, it adds a bit more extravagancy and chick. Don’t forget to polish your look with nice “matching” make-up and nails – matching to whatever you want in your outfit…