Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mysterious nature of denim dress

What do you imagine when you hear “denim dress”? Something cool and trendy or old fashioned and forgotten in the basement for many years? Do you think it’s stylish or isn’t even close to such category? It’s all reasonable questions and we’ll try to figure out what this mysterious creature “denim dress” is.
I remember when I was 8 my mom bought for me wonderful “Lee” dress on the black market. It cost almost a half of her pay check and for me it was super big deal. With very wide pleated skirt in which twirl was awesome and nice belt this thing was definitely a statement. I felt that I was the most stylish girl in the class. But I was growing and my lovely dress wasn’t, so one day I just had to say “good bye” to it. From that same moment I had a dream in my heart to get another cool denim dress that everybody would admire. But what a surprise many years passed and I still didn’t own one. Even considering that situation in Russia changed dramatically, tons of boutiques and stores opened (really, city where I lived is super fashion forward) I just couldn’t buy it. So apparently the problem was not in the lack of resources but in the lack of denim dresses in trends. But as we know fashion has its own cycle like everything in life, and finally ITS TIME CAME! It’s a very big boom for denim dresses already for couple of years and it is not decreasing, I would say just a bit transforming. With each season designers give us new washes, silhouettes, finishes, strongly representing latest trends in this garment. You can buy one that you especially like without any fear that it will disappear from the runways next year, denim dress took nice and strong position for a while. It’s not just extremely convenient (it’s great for weekends and casual Fridays in the office), but very flattering. Having a very good structure denim dress gives you a perfect very lean shape. Wear it with bold jewelry, cool boots and purse and you’ll feel fantastic like I did showing off my “Lee” at school. Thanks God there is no need to sneak to black market, because almost every brand gives you an option. Don’t miss stores like “Guess” with their sexy and brave styles, Bloomingdales , Neiman Marcus , Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom with great variety from different designers, Macy’s is also a great place to find a cool one.

I found my perfect denim dress, by Black Orchid brand in one of the local boutiques in my hometown in Russia. I like to wear it with ensemble of red jewelry, red purse and red shoes that I switch to high wedge red boots when it’s cold. It’s super awesome and definitely was worth to wait for! BTW, every time I wear it I get ton of compliments! Maybe yours will be so successful too???

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