Friday, July 9, 2010

I am a girl and I want a skirt!

What’s the problem you would say, but believe there was one, because I wanted denim skirt. I was searching for it everywhere for several weeks in the row, but couldn’t find. Even denim brands reduced their skirt assortment to maximum one style of primitive cut-off, the rest of the merchandise is cut-off shorts and of course jeans.
So what skirts should we wear? The latest trends are very feminine and sexy. Minis in different types of fabric from silk to twill and in different shapes from tight to flowy ruffles are extremely in style right now. Of course it’s summer time, when else you can show off your nice legs?! Just make sure that skin of your legs looks silky and glowy, use some moisturizing lotion and even with a little bit of shimmer and you will look like celebrity on the Red Carpet.
But it’s almost a middle of July and all of the stores already put Fall/Winter collections on their shelves. And skirts in the following season are breathtaking! Materials are fantastic – beautiful wools, rich tweeds, nice satins, a lot of leather and even fur! Yes, I would say that leather and fur are the biggest players in the second part of the year. And all of that is combined with lace, sequins and great detailing like buckles, ruching and exposed zippers. One of the best silhouettes are very fitted pencil skirts up to the knee and straight ones again up to the knee or even above, but minis are not gone too, they are upgraded for cold season by using earlier mentioned fabrics.
Another popular thing is pleats! Full pleated skirt should be in the closet of each girl/woman for the following season. So as you can see everything is very lady-like, but with a feel of power and strength. Such skirts definitely show off beautiful curves without exposing anything extra. They give you professional but at the same time very feminine look. Wear them with light wovens, cashmere cardigans and sheer silk blouses. High heel shoes or high boots will complete the look. Fur skirts look very playful and young – great choice for party or fun night out in the club.

But what about denim skirts? You probably will be able to find a few in the stores, but maybe it’s better to wait until they will be on the peak again? I personally stop searching and going to enjoy what’s in trend right now!

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