Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bling-bling post

Different people have different attitude to accessories. Some don’t wear them at all, some wear way too many. Some people like to match them with each other, some match with the clothes and some don’t match at all. And, no doubts, there is plenty of freedom in how you can wear your accessories, but definitely you need to use this freedom correctly.
How to pick right accessory for an outfit? The main parameters are style, color and how you want to look. Putting different accessories you can completely change the look of the same outfit. They help tremendously either to dress it up or dress it down. It’s very convenient to use this tool in situation like going out to dinner after work. Just wear simple black dress with a jacket or cardigan to office and don’t forget to throw some bold jewelry, like long sparkly earrings and big cuff, in your purse. And when it’s time to go out just put them on. Easy but very dramatic transformation that let you look great in two completely different atmospheres. The same if you use contrasting colors in accessories and clothes. Look at the picture of me in the park. Red beads on the neck (I have it, you just can see...), red bracelet and earrings and cute sequin pouch on the tote are contrasting with the whole white-blue theme of the outfit and make it much brighter and more festive (but don’t go too festive, for example, wearing red rhinestones, FOLLOW THE STYLE OF CLOTHES). And imagine this outfit for example with blue necklace and white bag – still not too bad, but definitely much more boring.
Try to avoid blending your accessories into your clothes. But must notice, that both skirt and shirt are pretty neutral. And this is exactly what gives you an opportunity to go more colorful with jewelry. But in case of busy or big print it doesn’t always work. You easily could go in “too much going on”. Like on my second picture there is a big neon print on my dress and clearly it should be a center of attention. That’s why I picked simple plastic set in the exact yellow color that just compliments the dress. It all worked together pretty well without giving a feel “all over the place”.
As for matching accessories with each other, it’s all up to you. Personally I really like to do that a lot. Mixing textures is a lot of fun and you can actually get an idea how to do it right just looking at what designers combine in one piece of jewelry. Wood and gold, leather and silver and even silver and gold are very classic variations. Try to experiment and you’ll discover a lot of interesting looks.
Keep in mind that too much jewelry is not good, you don’t need to look like you put everything that you could find in your jewelry box on yourself. Long earrings never work with big necklace, and big necklace doesn’t work with massive cuff. If you go heavy with something try to stay moderate with the rest of your accessories, otherwise they will be overpowering and look like and knight armor suit.

It’s almost weekend, but you still have time to find some cool bling-bling for Friday night out!

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