Monday, July 26, 2010

Dress your feet right!

A lot of people sacrifice their style for comfort and a lot of people sacrifice their comfort for style. And it’s definitely shouldn’t be exactly like that. Main goal is to find golden middle in both style and comfort and try to stay in it.
Don’t you think that woman in a classic suit looks ridiculous in pair of running shoes? But the same you can say about lady in heels on the picnic in woods? The first one would say that she just walks a lot, feet hurt and etc., the second one would explain her choice “just want to look good”. But not sure that both their outfits work well for them. In first case woman totally loses her professional look that she is trying to achieve with expensive suit by wearing totally wrong footwear. Why did she even bother to spend ton of money on dress clothes??? Nobody says that she should wear only sky-high pumps! Pick nice flats or even small elegant heels and your feet will feel nice and comfortable all day long and the whole outfit will come together, and maybe career too. In second case woman completely screws her comfort and fun in her high heels. No playing volleyball with friends… Volleyball! What am I talking about?! Pretty much even no walking! And, BTW, she totally screws not just her fun but her shoes too (imagine that poor “guys” with mud and grass on the heels and bunch of scratches from dry branches). Plus it looks so silly. Why don’t just wear a pair of cute sneakers that will look nice with pair of jeans or leggings? I definitely against wearing running shoes on daily basis, the best place to show them off is in the gym, but sometimes in our casual life pair of cute Pumas or Adidas are extremely handy. Even super fashionistas can find nice pair. Sport companies work with famous designers very closely, creating really pretty footwear. Today you don’t have to be Missy Elliot to be able to buy golden or even decorated with rhinestones and sequins sneakers. Just make effort and go to the store and find the pair of great shoes just for you! Plus if you need any advice or maybe somebody’s second opinion go on-line – there is unbelievable amount of information. Use whatever you want – professional critic’s articles with their pretty strict point of view or reviews of normal people like you, in which they tell how comfortable and durable shoes that they bought are. It’s very convenient to use store web-sites (like if you plan to do purchase in Nordstrom go on-line and check if somebody bought the same item and left any reviews) or special web-sites with expert opinions (great “sneakers resource” ).

Never-ever, even for a second, forget how important to balance comfort and style and how important to look appropriate for situation that you are in. Enjoy your “balanced” life and get the best of it!

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