Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Closet Transformers

Yesterday my husband and I while brushing our teeth before going to bed were talking about how to dress age appropriate. A lot of people don’t really sense what and how they should wear to stay true to their age, spirit and character. Some of them never understood that, putting on “grandpa” double pleated pants being only 25 years old, some of them stuck in their youth refusing to give up concert T-Shirt and oversized shorts with huge pockets. But at the end of the day we are changing through our life and our fashion feel should too.
I definitely don’t think that after thirty all fun and funk in clothing is over, absolutely opposite! You just need to understand where the thin border between dressing “too young” and “just young” is and try to stay on the right side. Important thing is that we don’t age dramatically in one day or a week or even a year, and our style shouldn’t too. There is no need to put your whole wardrobe in the basement after 30th birthday party. You need to incorporate more sophisticated classic pieces in it, mixing them with old ones. Such method will be very painless for your nerves and definitely valet. This is how it works. Let’s take white T-Shirt with quite moderate black skull print on the side and pair of distressed jeans. Sounds pretty young, but still not too much (because print is not over-the-top), pretty good for a casual look for a guy in his middle 30s. Let’s add nice black cashmere cardigan and we are going about ten years further. Another good example: light pink skinny jeans. Pair them with TS and bright striped belt – very young look, with white tank, white linen jacket and even handkerchief – super stylish outfit for mid age man. Of course there are pieces that would be very hard and absolutely unnecessarily to transform into another stage of your life. Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty are definitely should move to your nieces’ and nephews’ closets. Ask to notice that I don’t even mention oversized clothes that usually is associated with young generation, and only with one reason – IT’S NOT COOL FOR ANY AGE! Times of that style are gone! Dress your body in your real size, don’t cover it with a bunch of excess fabric.
Getting a bit older is really not that scary and pity, it’s very interesting and exciting. More goals are achieved, more opportunities are open. It’s awesome to feel successful, and this is what you should show in your look, a little bit of chic and luxury. Remember that you still can look young even being already passed your 20s quite a few years ago, but sophisticated and stylish, like my husband! He is 36 and is rocking this fashion world!

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