Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caution: Sun!

It’s a very hot in Chicago now and sun is absolutely cruel. Do you protect yourself from it? If you want to look young and pretty as long as possible you should. It’s really not difficult, doesn’t take a lot of time and trust me works to save your beauty very well.

The best friend of yours in summer time is sun screen. And not only when you go to the beach or lay by the pool (in these cases it is not even a question that you HAVE to use sun protection). Exactly, even if you go just to work, or shopping or stadium use products with SPF for your face and body. Face is always exposed to sun even if you wear sunglasses, and everybody knows that its skin is extremely fragile. So if you don’t want to have burns, early wrinkles and super dry skin, put some sun screen before going out. Even my husband finally understood how important was to use some sun protection, when we went to baseball game and all of his colleagues who didn’t wear caps got facial sun burn, but we were fine.
The same is about the rest of the body that is not covered with clothes. Is it hard to put some lotion with SPF on back, chest and arms, if you wear open top? Absolutely not! But it will save you from peeling skin and burning pain. It’s definitely not pretty to walk around red like a lobster… My advice also is not just to put sun screen lotions before leaving house and using product with SPF for face, but also to have a little tube of “protection elixir” in your purse. In some cases when you spend the whole day outside even in the city you need reapply sun screen at least on your face.
Another thing that you should be careful with in such hot weather is parfume. I’ve read so many times that it’s dangerous to put parfume straight on skin when it’s very hot and very sunny, but never really took that in consideration. And as a result last year I got itchy, irritated neck on the sides where I was putting my fragrances. At first I couldn’t even figure out what it was, but then it became pretty obvious. After several days not using any eau de toilette skin got in its normal condition. I don’t say that you can’t use parfume in summer at all, you just should put it on hair and back of your wrists, in this case you will not get any damage and smell will last much longer.

Nowadays variety of products with SPF is amazing and every single person with every single type of skin can find something suitable. My husband and I like Clinique M protect SPF 21 for men and Clinique Even Better skin tone correcting moisturizer SPF 20 for every day face protection. For beach and long days outside in the city we choose Nivea Sun line.

Take care and enjoy your summer!

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