Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yesterday I tried on "jeggins"

Yesterday went to Saks Fifth Avenue , where there is a huge sale, as everybody knows. I decided to look through their racks again just in case if I missed something last time or they put a new product, plus they added 33% off of already reduced prices.
It’s really a shame to tell, but I tried on denim leggings, or how some people like to call them “jeggins”, only one time, two years ago, and tell you right away I was not thrilled with my look in them. I have pretty masculine legs and not big booty, so that time when I saw myself in that “jeggings” my thighs seemed too big, even kind of fat, though I was wearing size 0-2. Anyway I decided that this type of pants was definitely not for me and tried to avoid them since then. Don’t know why, maybe because of cute grey-purple acid wash, but I liked one pair of denim leggings in Saks so much, so I was willing to give them a try in the fitting room. And they were really cute! Nice hand-feel of fabric, great color palette, and exposed zippers on the sides – I totally loved them. And what a surprise – I loved them not only on the hanger, but on me too! Legs looked skinny and firm, booty looked fabulous! I would never thought, that I say that – I LOVED MYSELF IN “JEGGINS”. Later in the evening I was thinking “what was wrong with my first experience???” and finally understood – then, two years ago, pants were a bit long, they bunched up on the bottom, so made my ankle look thinner, but thighs bigger. Proportion was not right! And yesterday everything was just perfect – ankle length totally worked. What a great invention for me - I will not envy other people wearing super skinny jeans anymore, because I can wear them too! Because now I know that I need to look for cropped or at least ankle length pants of this fit, and everything will look great.
Honestly, the main moral of my post today not to go and try on “jeggins”, but try different things in general. And you know if it doesn’t work out for the first time, or even second time, don’t be lazy to try third time. Be logical and try to figure out what is wrong, then maybe you can find similar garment but without “bad“ features that you don’t need. Don’t take away from you another chance to look good and enjoy beautiful clothes!

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