Monday, August 2, 2010

Your phone needs style too!

We’ve talked about accessories, how important they are and how we should wear them, not once, but never mentioned cell phones. Oh yes, nowadays phone is not just device that you use to communicate with people, it’s a very important accessory that you always have on you, it is also an indicator of your status and style. Today you will surprise nobody with iPhone and Blackberry any more, and here cool cases are coming on arena.
OMG, how many different cases and skins you can find in stores! Tons and tons and tons, but the most unique ones will be online. In February I found one fantastic web-site that will satisfy needs of any fashionista. is really awesome, assortment is huge and prices are in a very wide range for a very different income levels. You can order very cute case for $7.95 or spend more money and get Swarovski Crystal case from them, it’s all up to you. But must say that even their cheapest options are very good quality, fit right and look very nice. As I already said amount of designs they offer is enormous, different colors, prints, materials, from very simple ones to very extravagant, and they get new stuff all the time. I tried to order “clothes” for my phone on another web-sites too, but must admit, was always coming back to . I am really into this thing now. Having several cases I can just change them from time to time, depending on my mood or maybe my outfit. It’s a lot fun and phone is protected too, just don’t forget to use clear film for display. Such films are completely not noticeable on the phone, but save screen from scratches very well.

So go online and find something cool for you, I mean for you phone. offers cases for phones of variety of brands from HTC to Samsung, it’s definitely paradise for Apple customers – you’ll see cases for iPhone, iPod and even iPad there. Shipping is always free for any order and must notice pretty fast too. And, BTW, they do markdowns up to 50% off quite often…

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