Thursday, August 19, 2010

Always shining!

Have you ever had an accessory that was kind of difficult to wear, that seemed too festive or to complicated in color, but you totally loved and wanted to wear as much as possible? I bet almost every one of us can remember about something like this.
Couple month ago my husband and I went to Swarovski store not far from our house and I completely fell in love with one of their cuffs – all over turquoise with iridescent coating crystals looked so amazing. And guess what - my husband bought it for me for our first wedding anniversary! I was extremely happy and pleased but one scary idea crawled into my mind: “What am I going to wear it with???” I checked my closet and though I had 3 turquoise dresses only one was a good match for my new bracelet, the other two were completely clashing in style.So seemed, that just one dress and bright striped jacket were my only options. And that was no good. But later after thinking more carefully and looking through my wardrobe again I realized that I could wear my present as much as I want because I had plenty of options! I didn’t need any special occasion anymore and matchy-matchy outfit! Yes, this cuff is a great compliment to a nice dress and pair of high heels, but it is also an awesome addition to simple jeans-TS outfit! It makes trivial white tank and cut-off skirt shine and pair of shorts with spaghetti-strap top ( photo “Urban not casual” ) elegant and sophisticated. Of course, pairing such accessories like my bracelet with different clothes and other accessories, you should take in consideration color and, what even more important, style, and probably you’ll even have to try several looks before you’ll find successful one, but try to stay open-minded and pull combinations that you would never think before.

Every one of us has our favorite, our special piece, doesn’t matter if it’s a glitzy shoes or sparkly necklace, which we treat like a treasure, opening the box, looking at it and dreaming about wearing it again. But throw away your “fancy event” calendar and don’t wait anymore, enjoy your “treasure” as often as possible and make every day of your life shiny and special!

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