Thursday, August 12, 2010

It’s not a fruit, but delicious!

As I told you before in Russia I had several brands that I loved especially, which stores I was visiting quite often and pretty much never leaving empty-handed. One of them was Spanish brand MANGO . I really loved their assortment that allowed you to pick up something elegant but very trendy for office, something sexy and fun for night out and something interesting and cute for casual outfit. And absolutely every single thing had some nice special feature, either green pocket lining and stitches on dark denim skirt or juicy pink bow on a salad color sweater. And fits were great too! If you grab right size you pretty much knew that there would be no creasing and bunching up.

MANGO is a fast-fashion retailer, but I can’t say that it’s cheap like H&M for example. Average price of an outfit of a skirt with a jacket is probably somewhere from $100 to $250. But trust me it would be well-spend money. Product, doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, shoes, bags or accessories, is a very good quality – I have some pieces that I bought seven years ago and still wear them quite often. And by the way you would be never able to say that they are so old, look just perfect. Still can’t find better spaghetti strap tops then I bought in MANGO.

It’s really surprising that MANGO has only 12 stores in US, in California, New York,
Nevada and Puerto Rico, and honestly pretty sad for me. I am shocked that there is no one in Chicago, city of shopping paradise. But yesterday my husband sent me an article in Wall Street Journal about new collaboration of MANGO and J.C. Penney . Supposedly already on August 18th you could find exclusive MNG by MANGO in 77 of Penney’s stores. Number of stores carrying MNG will increase to 600 by fall of 2011, so pretty much in every second J.C. Penney you would be able to find MANGO product. I really loved atmosphere of MANGO stores with black walls, mirrors, crystal chandeliers and cool music and of course it’s pity that not a lot of us can enjoy it, but at least we’ll have an opportunity to enjoy their clothes.

I am very-very excited about these last news and hope that this new relationship is going to work out, because honestly there are quite a few moments in it that are kind of doubtful. But let’s give it a shot and let’s enjoy shopping!

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