Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do you want to be involved?

I’ve already told you about “Dress For Success” in my post “Fashion Salvation”: it’s a non-profit organization that helps low-income women to get a job, providing them with dress clothes, training for interviews and needed contacts. I actually was very impressed with “Fashion Salvation” event that was entirely organized by members of “Dress For Success” and decided to reach them and find out how I can contribute to this great deal. So couple weeks later I was already sitting on my first meeting. It’s so awesome how these women are dedicated to what they do – they have jobs and families themselves, but any time there is an opportunity to help, they help, spending their free time, using their resources, involving people they know. And it’s a lot of work! I haven’t realize how much they do considering that there is at least one event every month that they are responsible to put together, and this is not counting infinite amount of global events like annual “Bloomingdale’s” charity shopping for which they volunteer too. For example on 25th of this month there will be event at “BCBG” store on Damen with champagne and hors d’oeuvres during which percentage of every purchase will be donated to “Dress For Success”.
I also must say that for these women it’s not just a duty, they really love to be involved in their organization life, they all became good friends and enjoy to hang out together. It’s actually a lot of fun to be part of this team – you meet so many new people, you visit so many events and also know that doing all of this you help women that really need help. What can be better than doing something that you enjoy so much and at the same time realize that it has a great cause?!

BTW, last week I took a membership position that I share with another girl Katelind, so my main goal is to get interested in our organization as many people as I can. We want to grow so much! We really need a new member! And who knows maybe you’ll be the next one!

P.S. If you are interested to become a new member of “Dress For Success” or just want to find out more information, please e-mail me to elenza@bk.ru. I will be happy to answer any questions!

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