Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Urban not casual

Shorts became a symbol of summer, guys and girls wear them with a big pleasure with any chance. They are so comfortable and breathable, great alternative to pants and skirts! BUT, let’s not forget that we still live in the city and not in vacation destination! I am sick of bland outfits of shorts, boring faded T-Shirts and rubber flip-flops! We can do so much better!
Don’t understand me wrong – I love shorts myself and wear them very often especially on the weekends when my husband and I are just strolling around the city doing whatever. But even in this case we need to try to maintain cool urban look with a little bit of lux. We shouldn’t look like we got lost and are trying to find our beach. And this is really not difficult to achieve with putting just a little bit of thought in assembling your weekend outfit. At first, choosing shorts to wear make sure that you chose nice top featuring either great cut, color or some kind of detailing like beading, embroidery or sequins. I would say that pairing shorts with top with shine is the easiest way to jazz up your casual look. If you decide to go with bright but solid color then this would be a great opportunity to play with accessories! Pick fun edgy purse, for example, with animal print, this will add some glamour and totally change a mood of your appearance. And please don’t afraid to wear some bold big jewelry with a lot of sparkly rhinestones! Match it to your clothes or pick contrast colors – this will take you out of casualty. If talk about shoes I would like to notice that wearing shorts doesn’t automatically mean wearing flip-flops or flat sandals, you can also wear nice pair of open shoes on a little heal. Of course sky-high pumps would look ridiculous and very inappropriate, plus it will totally take away all comfort of the weekend wear.

It’s already August but we still have plenty of time to enjoy warm weather and pair of favorite shorts. Show everybody how to be comfortable looking cool, how to become an embodiment of urban fashion!

P.S. And don’t forget to put on your biggest sunglasses!!!

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