Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Smart Sale shopping.

Labor Day’s weekend is coming and everybody knows that it means SALES! So I slowed down and was trying not to buy way too much stuff, but still found couple of unbelievable deals that just couldn’t miss out. I was so excited about my previous purchases, especially about my new polka dot dress, that was just dreaming about wearing it, imagining myself in new sparkly shoes, nice jewelry and… Yes, there was no “and”, because unfortunately I didn’t own a suitable purse for such outfit. All my bags are way too big and the only clutch is silver, which is not bad, but definitely doesn’t go with all my evening attire. So my “list” got extended with a little black bag that I could pull out of my closet going to cocktail or nice dinner. Luckily “Betsey Johnson” store is having a great sale with an extra 40% off on already reduced merchandise (till Monday 09.06) and I could get a super cute evening bag of original price $118 only for $38 (with taxes). I loved the ruffles, loved the handle with little pearls all over, loved little leopard coin purse – it was definitely what I wanted! Done, one item is out of the list!
“Guess” store on Michigan Ave. is just couple blocks away from my house, so of course I am a very often visitor there and this weekend wasn’t an exclusion. They were also running additional 40% off on sale items among which I found a great denim skirt that as you know I was trying to buy already for a long time but couldn’t find anything that I liked. By the way, skirt was size 23 but it fit great though I usually wear 25. It is totally understandable because sometimes sizes run smaller or bigger, so don’t miss an opportunity when you see on sale all sizes except ones that you need, try some that are closest to your size, who knows maybe it will be just perfect. But again don’t compromise: if something doesn’t fit don’t buy even for $5, you don’t need to waist precious space in your closet for something that you are not going to wear and you definitely don’t need to put on something that doesn’t look good on you. “Damage” in “Guess” was minimal - $29 for $69 skirt!

Of course like all women I love shopping and of course I love shopping on sale, I am almost proud of myself when I could find a great deal. But I want to remind that everything that you buy you should buy only because you really love it but not because it was 50% off. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to be beautiful and to enjoy yourself how you look.

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