Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fall list

Do you have your list already? No? That’s not good, now it is definitely time to make your “fall list” and already to start executing it. You are probably thinking what I am talking about, and I am talking about list of “must have” things for the following season that every fashionista should have in her closet.
I don’t recommend buying a whole new wardrobe for every new season, but to purchase just a few things that are very in trend is very important. And trust me you can pick pieces with a very classic feel that you could wear for a long time and still look very classy and stylish. Making your “fall list” you should consider your lifestyle, your character and of course what you already have. Why would you buy another cheetah shoes if you’ve already bought them last year?
I made my list about month ago and planning to accomplish it step by step, without any hurry. Maybe it will take another month, maybe even two, but I definitely want to find things that I’d really love and I could enjoy wearing for a while. Let’s see what I need to find.
1. Leopard print shoes. Yes, yes, I am probably the only woman on this planet that still doesn’t own a pair of leopard shoes! But I am working on it. I want a calf hair pair with a clear sharp colors, high heel, not peep toe (this is actually what make my shopping for cheetah shoes more challenging, 75% of them are peep toe) … At least I know exactly what I want.
2. Fur vest or jacket. And doesn’t matter if it’s going to be real fur or faux (but only good quality!). Fur makes an outfit so much more chic and more glamorous, gives very expensive look. Plus it’s very warm and comfortable, goes together with ton of different clothes, from jeans and classic pants to dresses and pencil skirts with chiffon blouses.
3. High patent leather boots on a little platform. Love high boots and love patent leather! They make legs look mile-long and very slim! I’ve already bought a great pair in Charles David’s , can’t wait to wear them!
4. And of course patent leather purse (that goes with my boots). Pick with bow for feminine look or with exposed zippers and studs for more modern one. I purchased fantastic Michael Kors tote that you can also transform into smaller bag. So convenient – two in one!

This is it for now, but my list will probably grow a bit. If I were you I would also look for full skirts, bright accessories, like bags, gloves and scarves, cargo pants or other items with a military feel and bomber jacket.

Great variety of trends is offered for fall/winter season, so without any doubts you can pick at least few of them to freshen up your wardrobe.

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