Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you match your interior?

All people like to make their house nice and cozy, invest a lot of money in it, buying beautiful furniture, expensive pictures, tons of little but important things like candles, vases, flowers and etc., but not that many of them think so carefully about their own look at home, and this is definitely what should be fixed.
Home clothes should be not only comfortable, but nice and clean. And that’s not difficult to accomplish, considering that in United States almost every single store offers some kind of lounge wear, or how we like to call it in mass “sweat suit”. But saying “sweat suit” I don’t mean old oversized fleece shirt with stretched out track pants!!! I mean something cute, with nice fit and good color. Victoria’s Secret , Juicy Couture , Aeropostale (for more budget outfit) – they all have great variety of velour or terry pants and jackets with prints, embroidery, rhinestones and all kinds of beautiful detailing. Women, don’t forget that the most important man for you is your partner, that your main goal is to amaze HIM with your beauty! And doesn’t matter that he is already your husband, never let him forget how pretty you are, even watching TV sitting on the coach on Thursday night, or cooking dinner in the kitchen. BTW, I strongly recommend to buy a cute apron for cooking at home, it will save your lounge wear from dangerous stains and will extend its life. My husband bought really awesome one for me this week, “Little Black Apron”, with lace hem on the bottom and waist band and string of pearls on the neckline. Who knew than guys actually pay attention to such things like apron?! But apparently they do.
But let’s be clear, home clothes is clothes FOR HOME! No matter how cute your “sweats” are, they should be worn only at home! You can throw on your hoodie to walk with your dog in the park by the house, but this would be the first and the last public place where it’s appropriate.
I really love my “pinky” (this is how I call my VS Pink sweat suit) and actually just ordered another one in red velour, love my zebra bathrobe and both of my house dresses. It is all very comfortable and looks good and you know what - I like the fact that my husband thinks that I look pretty at home and I ALSO LIKE TO FEEL PRETTY MYSELF!
Let’s all feel pretty!

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