Monday, August 9, 2010

Street fashion?

Last week my husband forwarded me an article in Wall Street Journal about one blog . The idea of the blog is really nice and quite interesting – to put fashion focus on regular people. One of the founders of Beautiful 47-year-old former editor of beauty magazines Ms. Fedor says that celebrities with their numerous stylists and access to expensive designer clothes became our fashion icons but it’s pretty impossible to achieve similar look simply because of the lack of resources. Most people don’t have professional knowledge in fashion and definitely can’t afford to hire army of shoppers to fix this problem. So her idea is to proof that just random people on the streets can become our examples to follow to. If they can look that good, if they can put such outfit together, so most of us could do it too. So Ms. Fedor just goes on the streets of New York City and takes photographs of strangers that she thinks look good, then she publishes them on her blog along with short story about her “models” and detailed description of their outfits.
In my opinion this idea is absolutely could work but in this case I am not really sure. I have several problems with execution. I actually looked at the blog itself and was quite surprised that huge percentage of her “heroes” was models, dancers and etc. One video story was done on the back stage of “Rag & Bone” show!!! Models are not regular people! Even if a lot of them don’t have a ton of money to get expensive wardrobe they are still much more experienced in styling that “non-models”. Common, they see designers, stylists and make-up artist working, they are a part of this creative process, of course they look good, they have to look good! Who else if not them??? The whole idea of shooting in New York seems wrong… Would be much more interesting and much more fare to travel through US to different cities, even just big ones, and pick “beautiful strangers” over there. New York is too different from the rest of the country. It’s one of the fashion capitals of the world! It can’t go under the category of “average”, so as models…
And another thing… I know that people in United States are completely intolerant to smoking, and I agree it’s not a good habit, first of all for the smoker, but how can it effect definition of “stylish”?! When did “Uggs” and “gladiators” become the criteria of being out of style? I am myself not a big fan of either of them but truly believe that if somebody can create great edgy outfit with these pieces then this person is REALLY STYLISH! If “Uggs” work perfectly with some particular look then why not? One item is not a fashion. That’s why I really don’t understand why Ms. Fedor didn’t even take in consideration people with cigarettes or in gladiators, for example… Seems pretty narrow-minded.
And, by the way, celebrities don’t even look that good even with the help of their stylists, a lot of them don’t look good… Don’t copy anybody completely and try to create your own style. Magazines and fashion shows are great to get an idea of what trends are and how to wear them, but all of that should go through prism of your lifestyle, character and of course your physics. Tailor fashion to yourself and be unique in your one own way.

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