Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where is my cigar?

I will start with the news that I finally got my dress that I ordered from while ago. It’s a fitted large polka dot dress with asymmetric boning on the top and you know I usually never buy things like this on-line: it’s not a T-Shirt, who knows how it fits. But I totally fell in love with it and couldn’t resist from getting it. And everything worked out just perfect – dress fits great and looks even nicer than on the web-site! I am actually extremely excited about it – it’s so comfortable and so versatile! Just imagine pairing it with a classic jacket and pair of great shoes – awesome outfit for office or lunch with a client, wear it with biker leather jacket and high heels – fantastic look for daytime errands or even going to the bar with friends. Or simply without any layering pieces this dress can look very different: very summery and light with white purse and white sandals or very sexy and dressy with black clutch and pair of shiny shoes. And again yesterday I bought another accessory that will look great with some outfit options of this dress. You will never guess what it is! It’s a hat – wool fedora!!! Yes, yes, yes, now I just need a cigar for the full picture… As you probably remember I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to go to BCBG event in the store on Damen. Must say it was just fantastic! Lots of champagne, hors d’oeuvres, fun music, goody bags and endless amount of fabulous clothes – what can be better than this?! Sound like women’s paradise and believe me it really was. So this is the place where I found my hat – it’s a big trend this season (to be honest it’s pretty much always in trend), it’s really easy to wear (goes with ton of stuff from jeans with sport coat to outfit with my polka dot dress with leather jacket), so why not to buy?! Price was very reasonable too: $38 for 100% wool. But can you imagine I was walking around it almost for two hours trying to decide if I really have enough charisma to wear it?! And then I said myself that it was ridiculous, that I liked it a lot and I just wanted it! And this is what I am telling you too– throw away this feeling when you like something so much but not sure if you can pull it off! Walk bravely on the runway of life and be proud to have your unique style, be proud to look different! The main goal of fashion is not to blend in everybody in the same pot, but give an opportunity to create something “yours”, something special.

Yesterday brought to me a lot satisfaction and not only because my dress was delivered and I had a great time at BCBG, but also because I could reject my insecurities. Follow your heart, buy what you really love and enjoy wearing it without any fear to pop in the crowd! This is actually should be your goal!

P.S. I want to thank again BCBG for hosting great event and helping in fundraising for “Dress For Succes” and I also want to say thanks to for providing great service and great quality of the product.

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