Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Online deals: how to do it right

To be honest, I was introduced to online shopping only in US for the first time. In Russia it’s not a big practice at all: if you want to buy something - go to store, doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, tech or cosmetics. I don’t know why it is like that, but it is what it is. And I, of course, at the beginning was very suspicious about internet shopping, but sometimes (actually very often) it’s just impossible not to do it this way! Online you can find everything and for a very good price. Amount of bargain web-sites is crazy huge (some of them are listed in “web-sites I love”). You can buy there everything, from towels and kitchen knives to designer clothes and accessories. And really variety of brands (btw, in completely different price range) is great too. No wonder that I really got into online shopping. “My place” – is ideeli.com, where I made my first interactive clothing purchase, then it were sunglasses, shoes and etc. So what can you buy on-line pretty much without any risk? And I don’t mean that you stuck with stuff that you already ordered even if it doesn’t suit you. Of course, you can send it back, but it’s kind of pain in the butt and very disappointing too… I would say that T-Shirts, sweaters and cardigans are very safe categories, even if you never worn that particular brand before. Accessories, bags, tech and things for home – no brainer, will absolutely work! Dresses, shoes, sunglasses and underwear –mmm… not so much. Dresses are one of the most difficult parts, especially very structured ones. It’s actually amazing how pretty much impossible to guess how it will fit you, if it’s going to be good on your boobs or not wide in the waist… But you definitely can try to find this piece in the store near you and try it on to avoid mistake. Most of the web-sites give “coming soon” list, so you’ll have time to prepare to sale event. The same with shoes – buy it only if you exactly know YOUR SIZE in THIS EXACT BRAND. I bought my Marc by Marc Jacobs flats online knowing exactly that I needed 37. Sunglasses usually are not eligible for return, so you should be very careful buying them too. Figure out right shape and size for you, or try on similar pairs in the store before ordering. I was following these rules and now super happy with my shades (got them 85% off!!!).
Online shopping is awesome, very fun and definitely safes you some money. But still don’t forget a pleasure of going to store, trying on and checking out every thread! And plus it’s A SALE TIME NOW!!!

It's me with my girl Coco
wearing my first online steal "Till the End" Cardigan for $19.

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