Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dress for Success

Have you ever thought that success and how you dress are tied very closely? Have you ever thought that your look can have unbelievable influence on your career? If not, that you should start to think about that. Because it really takes place.
So today I went to one event that reminded me all about this – it was night with Nicole Williams about her new book “Girl on Top” and about how you can be this girl on top (and boy too, BTW). With the help of fashion of course. I was listening to her and thinking how right she was. No matter how smart and talented you are the first impression is everything. The way you look positions you very clear, immediately create an attitude to you. And it’s not because our now days world is decaying, how some people would say, It’s not because everybody value image more than your insight, no, but it’s just normal mechanism of perception and forming opinion about person just visually without any extra information. And another point that really got my attention was that you have to look good not only at work or in important meetings, but everywhere and always – on Sunday BBQ, in a grocery store or on the walk with your dog. Who knows where you will meet people that will change your life… And you know what - you don’t even have to spend ton of money to look great. Today’s event was at Limited in Water Tower Place and they had very nice business style pieces, that you can wear to office, or pair them with romantic cardigan and cute jewelry and you are ready to go to date! Just always remember – clothes you wear should be appropriate: don’t wear cocktail dress to picnic or pair of cutoff shorts and T-Shirt to work (only if you don’t work at beach bar) and you will definitely reach success that you want!

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