Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to wear flats?

How to wear flats?
Some of you will probably say: “What do you mean? Just put them on and go!” I wish everything was so easy… At the same time when the simplest heels make your look more polished, flats can take away a lot from an outfit – they really can mess up proportions or simplify your look ,they are just cute, but not more… But there are couple of tips how to avoid these problems.
First you can make your shoes a center of attention. Of course they should be very cool and noticeable, maybe even fun, like Topshop’s Victoria Face flats ($40) - Beyonce got “look of the day” in InStyle Magazine , wearing them with a nice floral dress. BTW, ask you to notice, though both pieces are in romantic tone, dress is ultra-classic and shoes are absolutely not, but this style mix works just perfectly, adding visual interest. Just don’t forget that your SHOES should be flashy, but not everything, we don’t need ADD on our bodies.
Another option is to put together outfit which dominates shoes a lot. Here I am talking about brave designs, bright colors, interesting patterns and shine (not only in clothes, but accessories too!!!) with plain flats. And again don’t be afraid to mix styles – it will make your look only edgier!
And the last thing – be careful with proportions! Flats go the best with cropped pants (long one’s leave for heels), nice flowy dresses and skirts or pair of cute walking shorts.

I own a pair of flats, they really save me when my feet can’t take pumps anymore! And they so cute!

Enjoy your perfect pair!

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