Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shoe Truth

It is almost the middle of the summer and stores are starting to fill up with new Fall/Winter Collections. We already discussed denim trends in following season, today it is shoes’ turn.
I love shoes, they are the best accessory, but also one of the most tricky. Better not to go wrong with them, otherwise your look could completely fail.
So what did designers decided to bring to us for cold part of the year? As usual variety is unbelievable! And it’s great not only because different people can pick different styles, but also the same person can pull up completely opposite looks. BTW, one time one girl told me “but if you sometimes dress so differently, it means that you don’t have your established style”, and it’s so wrong. To have style doesn’t mean to wear always the same stuff, but means ability to create assortment of looks with “your” featured buzz. So don’t hesitate to try bunch of different trends! You should be brave in fashion!
Especially in this 2010-2011 season. And now you’ll learn why. First of all, if talk about silhouettes, some of them are pretty extreme - over-the-knee, even thigh-high leggings boots and shoes with clog bottoms, military lace-up styles and sky-high heels and wedges! But also don’t forget to get lady-like classic pumps for your wardrobe, they are coming back very strong. Materials and details are not less flashy and interesting. Just imagine all-over-fur, colored patent and suede, a lot of lace, rhinestones, studs, exposed zippers. Leopard print took one of the hottest spots on the runways. So if you have some “wildness” left from last fall wear it again, if not – this should be on the top of your “shopping” list.

You can see yourself what I am talking about if check out some web-sites of leading designers. For example, Christian Louboutin , he is definitely one of the trendsetters, so you can absolutely trust his vision. And understand me right, you don’t have to shop only for shoes with a red bottom (though if you can afford it, please do it – his shoes are awesome!), but take an idea and let it lead you in your shopping.
Hope you find this post useful for you! Enjoy shopping and some beautiful shoes!

This is my last shoe purchase...

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