Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are Rain Boots fashionable?

It is a very good question… At least for me. They look very cute on young college girls, with their unique funky style, but would they be good for me, still young, but already married, having my own business woman? I know that pretty much everybody, starting from Chanel to Payless shoes, make rain boots now, and must admit that variety of designs, forms and patterns is really amazing, but still I was not sure that I wanted to wear them.
So, when we moved to Chicago with its very often rainy weather, my husband was talking about purchasing rain boots all the time and finally after one and a half months I surrendered! We went to the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Damen Ave. and bought pair of bright turquoise boots for $28. To be honest, it was the price that sold me, not a big deal, even if I wear them only on walks with my dog. But after since that day my opinion has dramatically changed. First of all they are not hot as I thought they would be, so you can wear them even in summer days, when it’s rainy and chilly, and secondly, they look awesome! Yes they do! Of course you need to come up with the idea of nice outfit, but it’s not that difficult. Just wear a scarf of the same color, or matching top or skirt, and I guarantee you will look fabulous! Much better than in falling apart wet leather shoes. You can wear them with a floral dress and warm knit cardigan or with a pair of skinny jeans and T-Shirt, with a raincoat (on a leg in opaque tights) or denim shorts and a jacket (on bare leg or with legwarmers). And here is the answer to our question – rain boots are not just a good way to save your nice shoes from being ruined, but they are definitely a fashion statement by themselves.

Today was a rainy day again and I was so happy to wear my rubber boots – felt completely waterproof and beautiful (got couple of compliments on them)! Thinking about buying another pair of different color!

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