Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Shopping Report.

Everybody knows that it is a sale season – the best time to fill gaps in your wardrobe. And passed weekend my husband and I decided to accomplish this important task.
First stop in our shopping trip was Nordstrom. Women’s sale was already gone (but of course I haven’t missed it) so we headed to men’s section, where we found couple of cool t-shirts (average price $25), shorts and awesome shoes with 33% discount. Black patent leather D&G shoes with white shoestrings and white bottom - super stylish and sophisticated. But God safes you from wearing with Dolce & Gabbana matching jacket (we found one on the rack couple feet away)! You can buy it if you love it so much – but NEVER EVER (!!!) wear it together with the same line matching shoes.

The next on our way was Guess? store. I really love this brand style – very edgy, noticeable in crowd. Black sparkly shoes ($40) and black faux suede flip-flops with rhinestones ($25) were my finds.Don’t you think these shoes will look fantastic with pair of jeans and simple tank, or nice silk or shiny top for more festive look? Trust me, times when you could wear sparkles to party or to club passed long time ago, now it’s a great way to freshen up casual outfit.
As for flip-flops, I think, every woman should have nice pair to wear it to festivals (that happen so often in Chicago), concerts or maybe to run to next door grocery store. But again – nice flip-flops, not rubber ones, that are appropriate only on the beach.

Saks Fifth Avenue visit was very successful too. They just put additional 33% off of already reduced prices. So we bought great almost $200 pair of men’s jeans for $95, and it was already with taxes. And believe me, there was a lot to choose from, starting from scarves and t-shirts to jackets and shoes.

$29 dress in Express was a lucky purchase too! Nice quality and fit, fantastic color and really stylish silhouette – what could you possibly want more?! And $29!!! Great price! But nobody will be able to say that it was so cheap (except you, because I told you). Wear it with skinny black belt that goes with dress originally, black shoes and bold accessories to create chick look, or leave belt at home and pair dress with gold or white accessories and shoes – you are ready to go to any cool party!

And don’t forget to find perfect underwear for all your new stuff – in Victoria’s Secret all sale bras are $15.99 and all sale panties are $2.99. And their cosmetics is 75% off!!! I was actually very pleasantly surprised with its very good quality (never used VS cosmetics before).

Sale time is coming to its end, so it means that discount is maximized pretty much everywhere. Hurry up – you still have couple of days to find your awesome deals!

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