Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy to start!

Hello my name is Lena and I am very happy to start my blog today. Will tell you right away – expect ton of mistakes and not perfect English… My native language is Russian and I’ve been living in US for ten month, so as you understand sometimes I have problems with English, but I’ll do my best to make this blog interesting and easy to read for you.
I am a personal style consultant, so my blog will be about fashion, style and beauty. Really hope you’ll find something useful and interesting for you, doesn’t matter if you are fashion guru or just started to get into it. We’ll discuss the newest trends, old tips (if somebody doesn’t know them), stores and web-sites to shop, sales, designers, cosmetics and everything else that will help all of us to look great. I’ll be sharing my last purchases with you and you can do it you too – just send a picture on my e-mail and will think together how to create gorgeous outfit with this item.
Sure will have a lot of fun together!
See you!

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