Friday, June 18, 2010

Zebra and Leopard – tacky?

Of course in this post we will talk not only about zebra and leopard, but all animal and reptile prints, including snake, crocodile, tiger, pony and etc. Do you like animal prints? I love them! The secret is to love not too much. We don’t need to look like a crazy zoo!
So you can have some jungles in your shoes or accessories and of course clothing. Here are some basic rules that will help you to be smart wearing it.
1. Rule of not matching shoes and purse works the best in this case. With cheetah pumps, for example, will go nice black or white bag, BUT NOT CHEETAH! You can maybe have an earings or scarf of the same pattern, but, please, not more! I would say that the whole outfit should be of solid colors.
2. “Wild” jewelry looks very nice and chic, and the best that it doesn’t have to match your outfit. Just imagine - red dress, white shoes and tote and zebra cuff! Of course the same combination would work with a black dress, but with white one I would already add, for example, yellow shoes and yellow belt.
3. Animal print clothing is very edgy, but again – you need to be careful. This print should be only in one piece! If it’s a dress – accessories should be solids (leopard dress with red splash, for example)! If it’s a top or skirt – second item and accessories are plain again!
4. If talk about colors that you're going to wear with animal prints I advice to choose contrast ones, like deep green snake will look amazing with gold or silver; zebra - with turquoise, red, yellow, orange; leopard – with red or hot pink and etc. Black, of course, goes pretty much with everything…
Yesterday my husband asked me if all this “spots and stripes” are old story and not in trend anymore. Absolutely not true! Check out, for example, last Collections of Gucci or Cavalli , and you’ll see what I am talking about. And though I have a T-Shirt “Zebra is in, Leopard is out”, it’s not more than a joke.
Zebra and Leopard are not tacky, they are extravagant!

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