Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am back!

Hi guys! Sorry that was keeping silence for such a long time (trust me, not because there was nothing to write about), but there was just too much stuff going that my husband Carey and I got caught in, I just didn’t have time  Carey’s new job, moving from Chicago to Los Angeles, learning how to drive (yes, I didn’t know how to do that!) and overall getting used to a new place really scattered our lives for a while. But now when we are all settled in I am ready to start my blog again and share with all of you our fashion experience!

Should we do a small style recap about last seasons?! Think we should. And not because of the nostalgic feelings towards last spring trends that went away for good, but because they are still alive and even more exaggerated than ever, and if you didn’t catch them then maybe now is the time.

Neons: here I am in August 2011 wearing my “GUESS by Marciano” lime green dress and honestly I am going to rock it out this summer too! Even more: I already have a list of other stuff that I want to get in neon colors. Yellow, green, pink, orange in acidic shades pretty much just exploded in fashion world, you simply can’t stay out of it!

Prints, a lot of prints (!): look at this dress by “Custo Barcelona”, isn’t it awesome?! Bright, vibrant, simply eye catching! And this is how you should feel everyday walking out of your apartment or house- awesome! Wearing big prints like this is an easy but very effective way to achieve it, and again it’s very much in trend!

And of course let’s not forget about animal and reptile patterns. Snake, leopard, cheetah and zebra did in actuality invade our closets and definitely are not leaving any time soon. From handbags and accessories they are jumping and crawling not just on blouses and sweaters but skirts and even pants.

Colored denim: red jeans were THE BOMB last summer!
Of course, how couldn’t they?! Great option for a fun casual look but an easy dress up for an evening. It’s impossible to blend in with an asphalt wearing them, you get noticed momentarily. Don’t forget to get them out of your closet this summer too, they are still “rad”

Shirt denim dress: “7 For All Mankind”made a really cool one, got bunch of compliments wearing it. Simple and perfect piece for spring/summer and very much “hot”. Don’t hesitate to accessorize it in a fun way: bold shoes and jewelry will be a great addition to dress like that.

So these are just a few trends that were really ruling last seasons and are still ruling now. In next post think we should talk about how they transformed in today’s fashion and of course discover brand new style happenings.

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