Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Like a ship of the desert.

Don’t worry I didn’t watch Discovery channel too much and am not planning to talk about animals living in Sahara, but I am going to talk about one of the biggest trends of this season and loudest come backs - camel coat. I remember when I was a kid my mom had it, my dad had it, even my grandparents had it. Apparently it was an absolute must-have, solid symbol of status and style. And here we go – it comes again! Of course a little bit different. It got its modern twist that most certainly will differentiate you from the image of 90s. No shoulder pads and enormous lapels, more fitted shapes, more complicated cuts. Designers definitely went away from boxy “power” looks and insist on more luxurious and elegant forms. They also add visual interest using fur trim, embroidery and pleating. This decade women camel coat is very feminine, almost “girly”. More over nowadays camel coat transforms into short jackets, cute capes and all other forms of outerwear that you can only imagine.
And what’s even more exciting that you can bring this particular trend not only into your outerwear, but in any piece of your wardrobe. Cashmere cardigans, wool turtlenecks and sweater-dresses, pants and skirts in luxurious camel color are absolute must-haves of this season. Even shoes and bags changed their usual fall/winter black to warmer tan color. But make sure that your outfit is balanced, both in style and tone. One neutral piece is enough otherwise wearing “camel” all over, you can look like big bowl of porridge. If it’s a dress, pair it with bold accessories, edgy pattern (leopard, snake) boots and purse. Don’t afraid to add some color to spice up the look. My advice is also to try to mix different styles, walking away from usual classic perspective of the whole “camel” trend. For example, plain conservative sweater will look fantastic with denim pencil skirt and wide brown belt, bunch of golden bracelets and big earrings. Another opportunity to be more creative dressing in “camel” is to mix textures: silk blouse of jewel tones will bring visual interest to tan stretch riding pants not only because of the color, but also because of the contrast of shiny and matte finishes of the fabrics.

This trend really deserves all that love that it gets from fashionistas: it’s extremely versatile and comfortable. It is good for different occasions (office appropriate and perfect for casual), great for any age and so easy to put together. Plus it’s pretty much timeless, because years will pass before you’ll retire your “camel” attire.

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