Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion Terrarium.

Guess? by Marciano Liquid python skirt,
Charles David shoes,
Guess? handbag
I really don’t like snakes. I mean I don’t like them anywhere close to me. Their empty not blinking eyes and weird long boneless bodies give me cold unpleasant chills. But what an amazing pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories were inspired by these creepy creatures.

It is difficult to imagine modern wardrobe without any “snakeskin”, and this season this trend goes to a completely new level. Snake print becomes a new neutral, and not only in the way that it goes with everything else, but also that it goes with itself. What do you think about snake head -to -toe in one outfit? You may say it’s pretty wild, and it kind of is, but in the same time it is strikingly beautiful. Of course this look is not for everybody but only for bravest of us; respect to those who can pull it off! But even a small single snake print piece can play the first role in the whole look. Any simple outfit such as sweater with pencil skirt, white shirt with a pair of trouser or primitive dress could be elevated by adding “snake” handbag, jewelry or a pair of “snake” shoes or boots.

MICHAEL Michael Kors sweater, handbag,
7 For All Mankind snake print jeans,
Guess? by Marciano shoes
But let’s not limit ourselves with accessories only. Amazing blouses, skirts, pants and dresses in elegant snake print are waiting for us in the stores to buy them. Designers did a tremendous job with the pattern, reworking colors, shapes and textures. Variety of snake print is astonishing, and it’s impossible not to find what you want. And though I am already an owner of a quite a few “snake” pieces I am planning to grow my “terrarium” even more. I have already picked out couple of things that would like to get soon. Have my eye on these “MICHAEL Michael Kors” dresses for a few weeks by now and one of them will definitely move to my closet shortly. I am also on the hunt for a “snake” shoes or strappy sandals that by the way will work great instead of nude ones that I am already a bit tired of.

 MICHAEL Michael Kors Exclusive Chain Tie Dress 

MICHAEL Michael Kors Snake Print Shift Dress         

Snake skin is an amazing pattern created by nature itself, conveying elegance, power and mystique. Don’t we want to be like that?

Happy “snake” shopping!

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