Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is your tribe?

7 For All Mankind Ikat Print jeans,
Mango top, Charles David shoes

Tribal trend is not losing its positions already for some time and is gradually transitioning from fall/winter to spring/summer season. I would say it is even more extensive than ever; when in winter it was contained in mostly warm sweaters, dresses and accessories, now it is pretty much on everything: shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc. 

To be honest, I still don’t know how I feel about this particular trend; I guess everything depends on how you translate it into YOUR style. Personally I am avoiding too much of an eclectic look (and in my head tribal=eclectic) and prefer more simple clean silhouettes to effortless “bohemian” style pieces. But as I have figured out, designers have given us a whole bunch of options so you can try new trends in exact way you are feeling it. Some trends consist of many elements like color, shapes and fabrics and your outfit doesn’t have to include all of them. Just pick some feature that suits your style and mentality the most and go with it. This is how I got into the  “7 For All Mankind” Ikat print jeans that allowed me to wear a little bit of “foreign for me" tribal trend without compromising with my style. They obviously have that characteristic eclectic print but modern and sexy fit balances it out for me; and of course sleek nude heels and sleeveless turtleneck complete the contemporary and feminine outfit. In general tribal trend is very interesting and complex; no matter what will do it for you - big bold jewelry, accessories with excessive embellishments or just geometric patterns in warm earthy colors it is worth of trying.

Overall I think all trends can work for each and every one of us, the trick is to understand how. Only experimenting and trying things on will help so you’ll find exactly what is suitable and understandable to you.

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