Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cozy colors

Today I was talking to my mom on the phone and she was telling me how cold (-4 F!!!) and windy it was in Russia, that the sky looked like a big piece of steel over the head and how much she missed sunny colors of summer. So my original plan of writing about trendy printed jeans changed and considering that in majority of places winter is still running the weather I decided to make a post about pretty and fun but warm pants.

Guess? corduroy pants, Guess? shoes,
Miss Sixty faux leather jacket

One of my first purchases for colder seasons was pair of “Guess?”corduroy pants in “Vatican” color. And truthfully, any simple sweater or shirt looks great if worn with them. Their saturated pink is simply gorgeous and skinny fit also works wonderfully for cold weather, creating long and lean and stylish look (who isn’t tired yet of all that bulk of puffy coats, scarves and hats?!).
Another pair of pants that I was wearing a lot last few months is “7 For All Mankind” in teal velvet. Fabric is so cozy and soft that sometimes it seems that you are wearing sweats but not a pair of skinnies. They sure don’t look like sweats though! Check out that deep “rich” color and plush sheen of velvet - stunning! Again fit is really comfy too, and skinny leg gives you options of wearing them with both shoes and boots.

7 For All Mankind Velvet Skinny in Teal,
Guess? sweater, MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag

Those were just a couple of examples, but there are so many cool pants and jeans in different colors and fabrics out there, that no matter what climate you live in there is a perfect pair for you that will lift your mood up and make you shine. Who cares what temperature is outside? You always can create a little summer in your closet!

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