Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunny shade

7 For All Mankind jeans,
Guess? blouse, cardigan, shoes

Yellow is such an obvious must-have for spring/summer time but people are cautious about it. I’ve heard a bunch of reasons to avoid it, from myth that it gives the skin unhealthy undertone to an opinion that it’s very obnoxious. Strongly disagreeing with that I think everybody should give this beautiful color a chance.

KORS Michael Kors Vivian canvas slingback
MICHAEL Michael Kors Marina large tote

Guess? boyfriend jeans, handbag,
Adilisik top, jacket, Vicino shoes

Yellow is a very bold hue but this season some of the designers consider it almost neutral. For example, Michael Kors offers to use it not only as a splash of color in a basic palette outfit but also pair it with other bright shades. In both cases you’ll look chic and stylish.

Guess? by Marciano cross-body tank dress

Even if you already have a yellow pair of shoes or a bag, don’t stop there, get a dress! Even a simple silhouette will be amazing in this bold hue and you will be noticed instantly. And, by the way, yellow works great for any skin tone and hair color.

Guess? by Marciano Tori one-shoulder dress

Yellow is a “sunny” shade – bright, warm, fun, while also very chic and sophisticated. It is a no-miss option for any occasion. Just be prepared for A LOT of attention!

Interesting fact.
Hindus in India wear yellow to celebrate the festival of spring.

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