Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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My Snake Print Dress

MICHAEL Michael Kors Snake print shift dress,
leather jacket, shoes,
Tory Burch handbag

After my “Fashion Terrarium” post I included MICHAEL Michael Kors Snake print shift dress in my “wish list” with a further plan of buying it. So guys, I got it! Actually my wonderful husband Carey got it for me for Valentine’s Day (Love you too, Baby!) and I was even able to wear it already. I am telling you – I am totally in love with this dress!

Though silhouette is very simple details like curved hem and ruching with gold hardware drawstring on the side makes the dress interesting and unique. It is made of soft silky jersey that is very nice for both spring and summer. This dress is definitely very versatile; both fabric weight and neutral color palette of dark ecru snake print make it one of the key pieces in the transition wardrobe.  It looks great with black hosieries and leather jacket as well as with gold strappy sandals on a bare leg.

MANGO Gathered dress

Price tag is $140 which is pretty reasonable, but if you don’t want to spend that kind of money then my advice is to take a look at last MANGO collection. Their Gathered Dress looks very similar and is almost three times cheaper - $54.99; awesome price for a dress that you can get a lot of use out of!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fedoras, panamas, berets...

I am very much fond of all kinds of accessories and hats are definitely one of them. While living in Chicago hats were not just accessories but a lot of times a need, now in LA I can just have fun with them not thinking how cold it is outside.

Guess? top, jeans, 7 For All Mankind denim jaclet,
Milani pink fedora

No matter what it is – fedora, beret or panama – hat will bring an extra edge and complexity to your outfit; it will pronounce your style clearer than anything else. And considering the huge assortment that is available in the stores right now it would be a big miss not to take advantage of it.

BCBG Max Azria straw fedora

Personally I love all types and shapes of hats but find that fedoras are the most versatile and easy to wear. Great with jeans and a tee, it does look fantastic with maxi sun dress or with trousers and a sweater. Fedora elevates even very casual outfit to a chic one. The variety of materials and colors eliminates any struggle to find the right one for you and your wardrobe.

7 For All Mankind jeans, Mexx sportcoat,
The Limited scarf, BCBG Max Azria felt fedora

Of course many of us remember about a hat only in case of “emergency” – those “bad hair” days, when nothing is going right and covering up seems the only solution; but sometimes it is worth it to cover even  a perfect hair-do bringing more definition to your style.

Interesting fact.

In the mid-80's the baseball hat kicked off the current trend for hat wearing. Since 1985 hat wearing has increased by 15% a year.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunny shade

7 For All Mankind jeans,
Guess? blouse, cardigan, shoes

Yellow is such an obvious must-have for spring/summer time but people are cautious about it. I’ve heard a bunch of reasons to avoid it, from myth that it gives the skin unhealthy undertone to an opinion that it’s very obnoxious. Strongly disagreeing with that I think everybody should give this beautiful color a chance.

KORS Michael Kors Vivian canvas slingback
MICHAEL Michael Kors Marina large tote

Guess? boyfriend jeans, handbag,
Adilisik top, jacket, Vicino shoes

Yellow is a very bold hue but this season some of the designers consider it almost neutral. For example, Michael Kors offers to use it not only as a splash of color in a basic palette outfit but also pair it with other bright shades. In both cases you’ll look chic and stylish.

Guess? by Marciano cross-body tank dress

Even if you already have a yellow pair of shoes or a bag, don’t stop there, get a dress! Even a simple silhouette will be amazing in this bold hue and you will be noticed instantly. And, by the way, yellow works great for any skin tone and hair color.

Guess? by Marciano Tori one-shoulder dress

Yellow is a “sunny” shade – bright, warm, fun, while also very chic and sophisticated. It is a no-miss option for any occasion. Just be prepared for A LOT of attention!

Interesting fact.
Hindus in India wear yellow to celebrate the festival of spring.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Shirt or dress?

In an earlier post I already mentioned that the shirtdress was quite popular last spring/summer, but today clothing brands offer us an even bigger assortment of it. Now designers don’t limit themselves with expected denim and chambray, they go with more luxurious fabrics, more vibrant colors and of course so in-trend prints.

First launched by Christian Dior in the 1950’s, the shirtdress became an iconic silhouette. So forgiving to any body shape, the shirtdress has been one of woman’s best friends for more than a half of a century. Its minimalism and simplicity is very understandable for people with diametrically opposite styles. It is like a blank canvas that you work with to create a picture of your style. Even when executed in bold colors, the casual character of a shirtdress allows you to go with accessories pretty aggressively and even dramatic prints will not limit you too much – big statement jewelry is still welcome.

Guess? by Marciano Butterfly shirtdress

There are quite a few shirtdresses in the Guess? by Marciano collection that are simply gorgeous. The Butterfly and Lucia dresses are real stunners and change the whole image of a shirtdress for me – so chic and sophisticated! Though I already have one shirtdress in my “collection” I don’t think I will be able to resist buying one of those.

Guess? by Marciano Lucia shirtdress

I believe nothing becomes so wanted and popular without a reason and think the shirtdress has earned every bit of its “iconic” status. It is a rare combination of style, versatility and comfort; so what can be better?

Interesting fact.
First shirtdresses had a full skirt held up with crinoline.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simply stripes

VS Pink rib tank, Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag,
7 For All Mankind denim skirt, Guess? jacket, shoes

I don’t even know when stripes were not in trend, they seem to be a part of the “wish list” for upcoming seasons forever. And this spring/summer is no exclusion!

Stripes have always been one of the faves for warmer seasons; guess we can “blame” the whole nautical theme for it. Hard to think about more classic piece than black/white striped tee, that probably every one of us had in our closet at some point. But of course stripes did get a spring update and do come in a great variety of so “hot” now colors; fresh combinations of coral, turquoise, yellow, pink and white work beautifully with the rest of the spring/summer wardrobe.

Guess? by Marciano Three-quarter sleeve knit dress

Stripes are not as simple as they appear to be at first. Countless geometrical variations and color ways come together in thousands of beautiful unique patterns. Though stripes can be very tricky they also can be extremely flattering and even slimming. The key is to pick stripes and color patterns that are right for your figure. “Guess? by Marciano” Heidi Maxi dress is a wonderful example of using color in a very smart way - dark stripes in the midsection, below the hip and below the knee make the waist look much smaller and the body leaner. “Crooked” all-over stripe pattern in Three-quarter sleeve knit dress ( “Guess? by Marciano” also) instantly creates a perfect hour-glass shape for an ultra-feminine sexy look even for those who don’t have many curves.

Guess? by Marciano Heidi maxi dress

I love-love-love stripes and have plenty of them in my closet. They are fun and flirty yet sophisticated and classic at the same time. Very versatile and easy to wear they will always be a no-brainer pick that will never let you down. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day Sparkle

In Top Pot doughnut shop in Seattle wearing Guess? top
(doughnuts - DELICIOUS!)

Holiday season is behind of us and the next one is not coming for a while. And what should we do with all of that shiny stuff that we stocked up on? I refuse to leave it in the back of my closet until next Christmas and am saying “NO TO SPARKLE HIBERNATION”!

Now sequins and lurex are very much welcome in our daytime attire and can even be a part of the office dress code. The clue to successful integration of sparkles into both business and casual outfits is moderation and balance. Only one shiny piece should be in a day look and the rest of the outfit should be VERY neutral. Classic and even conservative jacket with a sequin dress, shimmery blouse with dressy suit or simple sweater with a pair of sparkly trousers – these are very good examples of non-evening looks with some shine. Obviously nothing can be done with a beaded cocktail gown; even a motorcycle jacket with combat boots won’t transform it into a day dress!

MICHAEL Michael Kors sequin belted jumper,
gold-painted anorak
MICHAEL Michel Kors patch-pocket jacket,
rib tank and sequined deep-pocket pants
MICHAEL Michael Kors sequined jersey tank,
gold-painted chino pants

Michael Kors offers us quite a few great options of 24-hour appropriate looks with some serious sparkle, combining safari green and gold anorak with belted sequin jumper, sequined jersey tank with gold-painted chino pants, and twill patch-pocket jacket with rib top and sequined deep-pocket pants. Notice that he kept all accessories very neutral and almost exaggerated casual to tone down the festivity of shiny pieces.

7 For All Mankind Skinny ombre shimmer jeans

I love shine and sparkle in clothes, shoes and accessories and sometimes just putting those pieces on is enough to start your day with a great mood. They bring holiday into snacking in a doughnut shop or just strolling around the town!

Friday, February 17, 2012

In its fullest...

Sisline dress, Christian Louboutin shoes,
Betsey Johnson evening bag

Full skirt has been always for me an embodiment of retro glam and extra femininity. Do you remember those 50’s films with gorgeous actresses in their amazingly beautiful dresses? Now every one of us can feel a little bit like a movie star too - with the help of that same skirt!

I think trend on a full skirt is pretty much one of the biggest come backs. And though it was happening here and there from time to time this season it pretty much blew up. Literally! And in actuality what can be more flattering than outfit with a full skirt?! It makes your waist so tiny, flatters your hips so well and overall creates just perfect hour-glass shape. And don’t forget how beautifully it moves in unison with you! Doesn’t matter how simple the rest of an outfit can be you’ll look glamorous anyway. The only trick that I personally like to follow is that something like shirt, jacket or even just accessories in your ensemble should be very contemporary to balance out the “retro” feel of the skirt. For example, chunky wedge and wide belt will work great with a full skirt outfit for the day time, while modern pumps will be the perfect companion for a night out.

BCBG Max Azria Lucea color-block dress

I am very impressed with “BCBG Max Azria” collection that has some amazing pieces in this style, edgy beautiful and very creative. Some of my favorite ones are Lucea color-block dress (out of this world!!!) and Karia dress that take the idea of a full skirt to a completely new level! These very versatile day-to-night styles are perfect for creating a chic and feminine look.

BCBG Max Azria Karia dress

So flattering for every figure, so sophisticated and elegant, a full skirt should get its warm spot in every woman’s closet. It probably won’t be your “every day” piece, but some days when you want to feel especially beautiful and maybe a little bit glamorous you’ll know what to wear.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Going electric!

Guess? shirt, jeans,
Cole Haan shoes,
Betseyville handbag
It was 1995, I was ten and it was the very first year when Cosmopolitan started to get published in Russia. I got my first few issues that year too, which, now when I am thinking about it, probably were one of the most influential fashion readings for me. I was going through them again and again from cover to cover every time finding something that I missed before. A lot of my style preferences that I am still true to were born those days. And one of the brightest fashion memories of mine was also gifted to me by those magazines. On the pages of New Year issue I saw a pant suit that struck me with its simple beauty and that I still remember in every details - skinny cigarette pants, fitted three button jacket and silky fabric in amazing electric blue. It was the color that I was smitten by and it still sometimes gives me chills.

Guess? by Marciano Keysha Maxi dress

Cobalt blue is one of the best colors for spring/summer and looks absolutely amazing on tan skin. Pair it with white, black or grey and let the main color be the focus. Bright and fresh electric blue is great for daytime while adding some extra luxury and sophistication to an evening look. This color is not for people who prefer to stay in the shade but for those who like to be noticed.

BCBG MaxAzria Ayanna scarf-print shirt,
Simone textured power skirt
Guess? Jillian wide-leg romper

Some of my favorite “cobalt” shopping destinations this season are definitely “Guess?”, “Guess? by Marciano” and “BCBG MaxAzria”. These brands offer quite a vast assortment of beautiful pieces in a bright blue from shirts and pants to dresses and shoes with very reasonable pricing. I already have my eye on a couple of items like this Jillian wide-leg romper from “Guess?” and surely will find something else.

Dior Show mascara in Azure Blue,
Sephora eyeliner in Fancy Blue

Even if you don’t love cobalt blue as much as I love it (it is not only in my closet but in my cosmetic bag too – eyeliner, eye shadows, mascara, etc. ) I still advise you to try it. This color will treat you well, you’ll love it yourself!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is your tribe?

7 For All Mankind Ikat Print jeans,
Mango top, Charles David shoes

Tribal trend is not losing its positions already for some time and is gradually transitioning from fall/winter to spring/summer season. I would say it is even more extensive than ever; when in winter it was contained in mostly warm sweaters, dresses and accessories, now it is pretty much on everything: shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc. 

To be honest, I still don’t know how I feel about this particular trend; I guess everything depends on how you translate it into YOUR style. Personally I am avoiding too much of an eclectic look (and in my head tribal=eclectic) and prefer more simple clean silhouettes to effortless “bohemian” style pieces. But as I have figured out, designers have given us a whole bunch of options so you can try new trends in exact way you are feeling it. Some trends consist of many elements like color, shapes and fabrics and your outfit doesn’t have to include all of them. Just pick some feature that suits your style and mentality the most and go with it. This is how I got into the  “7 For All Mankind” Ikat print jeans that allowed me to wear a little bit of “foreign for me" tribal trend without compromising with my style. They obviously have that characteristic eclectic print but modern and sexy fit balances it out for me; and of course sleek nude heels and sleeveless turtleneck complete the contemporary and feminine outfit. In general tribal trend is very interesting and complex; no matter what will do it for you - big bold jewelry, accessories with excessive embellishments or just geometric patterns in warm earthy colors it is worth of trying.

Overall I think all trends can work for each and every one of us, the trick is to understand how. Only experimenting and trying things on will help so you’ll find exactly what is suitable and understandable to you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

So "spring" pastels

Members Only faux leather jacket, E.vil T-Shirt
7 For All Mankind skinny jeans,
MICHAEL Michael Kors shoes, handbag

Seems this season spring itself became main designers’ muse and pastels filled the runways. And those pastels are not pale and shy, we are talking about strong bold shades, fresh but saturated like young mint, blooming cherry trees and juicy peach.

So “spring” pastels are perfect for head-to-toe monochromatic look as well as in mix with each other. Pairing them with each other think about how they are combined in nature and let it be your inspiration; this way you can achieve the most organic and effortless style.

One of my personal favorites among pastels has always been sea foam. Any time of a year you’ll be able to find couple of icy turquoise pieces in my closet. So pretty and fresh, sea foam is a great color for creating feminine and sophisticated look. It flawlessly goes with pretty much the most of the pastel hues and can be a great base for so trendy outfit. Just try to keep your shoes and accessories on a neutral side so main colors will be intensified even more.

I bet most of you are very much over of so cold and grey winter and can’t wait those warm days to come, flowers to start blooming and trees to become green again. And it is so close! So maybe it is already the time to let spring into your wardrobe?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion Terrarium.

Guess? by Marciano Liquid python skirt,
Charles David shoes,
Guess? handbag
I really don’t like snakes. I mean I don’t like them anywhere close to me. Their empty not blinking eyes and weird long boneless bodies give me cold unpleasant chills. But what an amazing pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories were inspired by these creepy creatures.

It is difficult to imagine modern wardrobe without any “snakeskin”, and this season this trend goes to a completely new level. Snake print becomes a new neutral, and not only in the way that it goes with everything else, but also that it goes with itself. What do you think about snake head -to -toe in one outfit? You may say it’s pretty wild, and it kind of is, but in the same time it is strikingly beautiful. Of course this look is not for everybody but only for bravest of us; respect to those who can pull it off! But even a small single snake print piece can play the first role in the whole look. Any simple outfit such as sweater with pencil skirt, white shirt with a pair of trouser or primitive dress could be elevated by adding “snake” handbag, jewelry or a pair of “snake” shoes or boots.

MICHAEL Michael Kors sweater, handbag,
7 For All Mankind snake print jeans,
Guess? by Marciano shoes
But let’s not limit ourselves with accessories only. Amazing blouses, skirts, pants and dresses in elegant snake print are waiting for us in the stores to buy them. Designers did a tremendous job with the pattern, reworking colors, shapes and textures. Variety of snake print is astonishing, and it’s impossible not to find what you want. And though I am already an owner of a quite a few “snake” pieces I am planning to grow my “terrarium” even more. I have already picked out couple of things that would like to get soon. Have my eye on these “MICHAEL Michael Kors” dresses for a few weeks by now and one of them will definitely move to my closet shortly. I am also on the hunt for a “snake” shoes or strappy sandals that by the way will work great instead of nude ones that I am already a bit tired of.

 MICHAEL Michael Kors Exclusive Chain Tie Dress 

MICHAEL Michael Kors Snake Print Shift Dress         

Snake skin is an amazing pattern created by nature itself, conveying elegance, power and mystique. Don’t we want to be like that?

Happy “snake” shopping!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Prints on pants?!

This upcoming spring/summer season brought one of the boldest in my opinion trends in fashion: printed pants. And I am not talking just about stripes and plaid (of course about them too), but about all kind of prints.

My first pair of printed denim was Garden Party Skinny by “7 For All Mankind”that I have already reviewed on “Denimology” . My husband got it for me as a gift while I was visiting my family back in Russia. Will tell you honestly, I didn’t even know what to think when he described them to me on the phone. In my imagination they looked like something between one of the Monet works and granny’s couch. Luckily I was wrong and I actually really liked them at the first sight (thanks God, because I’d have to wear them anyway not to offend Carey ). They are very comfortable and light weight which is perfect for summer’s hot weather. I thought that colors were really great too: bright pink and turquoise with light green background make these jeans a great piece for anywhere from May to September, but still appropriate even on warm days of March or October.

My second pair I grabbed on sale at “Guess?”, they are less “out there”, but still are very cute and fun. Stretch gingham fabric looks great in skinny cropped silhouette, and appears to be very versatile. For sexier look wear this pants with fitted blouse and heels, for more like “around the town” – pair them with flats and simple sweater. Considering that both print and black and white color combination are very classic any outfit you put together with these pants will look classic and sophisticated too.
My favorite thing about summer is that everybody seems braver, bolder, brighter. It is such a fantastic time to experiment with separate looks or even overall style, it’s a great time to have fun with fashion. And think printed jeans are one of those trends that everybody should try; who knows, maybe you’ll find that it is YOUR THING…