Friday, July 6, 2012

Let go and donate!


This Friday I am going to skip my usual DEAL FINDER; markdowns have reached their maximum and I am sure you are taking full advantage of them! But these sale periods are not only the time to score some amazing deals and fill your closet with trendy pieces without breaking the bank but also a chance to review your current wardrobe. It is very important to make room for your latest purchases and get everything in order, to finally let go of some old stuff that you don’t need anymore and all of that is definitely much easier to do with lots of new things coming in.

Yesterday, after another successful day of shopping, I was faced with the problem of space; my closet started to overflow a bit and was beginning  to look messy. But really, how wouldn’t it? I was still holding on to 7 year old wovens and T-Shirts that were not only old themselves but I was also too old for them, I was keeping jeans that were neither relevant nor fit me! All of that in addition to the fact that I also buy a great amount of new clothes on a regular basis and get 3-4 pairs of jeans every month?! That was just ridiculous… Everything that was old, didn’t look or fit right or simply wasn’t suitable for me anymore had to go. And I’ll tell you what - after a huge bag of stuff donated to Planet Aid my closet was again looking nice and well organized; it felt good to do the right thing. Somebody will enjoy my clothes as much as I enjoyed them myself, somebody who really needs them, but not me.

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