Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be furry!

As we talked in earlier posts faux-fur jacket (below will call it FFJ) or vest is a “must have” this season, and if you still haven’t bought it, it is not going to be a problem. Pretty much every designer or brand offers their options of FFJ, assortment of colors, different textures and price range is extremely wide. The cheapest one I was able to find is on : $49 for really cute jacket in grey, brown or black (if you have tight budget, this would be your best bet). The high level of prices goes from $500 and way too far in a 4-digit numbers, so in my case I preferred to stay somewhere in the middle, which would be very comfortable for most of people. Love FFJ that “Express”, “Zara” and “Armani Exchange” offer: nice design, great quality and very affordable prices. My white long hair jacket that I got in “Zara” was $99.
But with all this variety and huge popularity of FFJ I have one concern – is everybody going to look the same? Who wants to be one in a million chickens from the same incubator??? Definitely not me! And not you! The only thing that we can do about is to customize our jacket a little bit. I am not talking about taking it to the tailor and changing thing completely (btw, that would be very challenging to do), but to add some unique twist, and here accessories will be our best friends. Big exaggerated broaches, belts, scarves may easily change focus of the whole outfit. Pick wide elastic or narrow with a lot of hardware belt to accentuate waist line (recommend contrast to your jacket colors), bulky with interesting textures and prints scarves and gloves to complete an ensemble. Wear pattern tights and bright shoes or boots, cool hats with embellishments and bunch of decorations. Such tricks will help to create stylish and unique look, without featuring one strong piece, like FFJ in our case, and even brown fur vest that you’ll see a lot on the streets this fall will look completely different on you. Don’t hesitate to experiment and try the craziest combinations, I guarantee you at least one of them will be fabulous!

Don’t be afraid to buy FFJ, don’t think it’s too much work to wear it, it’s fun, pretty and warm and you’ll definitely enjoy having it in your closet.


  1. Glad you're back, missed your posts! Another great entry Baby; LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I have that Betsey Johnson belt, I wear it with everything! Good post!!